History turns its back on Maravilla Martínez’s goal of becoming world champion again

La historia le da la espalda al objetivo de Maravilla Martínez de volver a ser campeón mundial

In a 2020 that has brought everything, something also arrived for boxing that many fans see with signs of concern, and that is the return to the ring of the Argentine Sergio “Wonder” Martinez who, at 45, wants to be world champion again with the weight of history against him.

Wonderful he came back in 2020 and knocked out. Now he says his goal is to challenge the “regular” champion AMB at 160 pounds, the Japanese Ryota murata (16-3, 13 KOs). All the cards are being arranged so that he meets his World Cup goal. And it is that, after his triumph in his return to the ring against the Spanish Jose Miguel Fandiño (15-7, 8 KOs), the AMB it placed him number six in his ranking at 160 pounds. Which lets us know clearly that the organism is giving it a boost so that at some point the fight against Murata.

How likely is it that Maravilla Martínez will be world champion again?

We could say that it is very, very, very unlikely to happen, if not impossible. We are more than clear that at 45 years of age it is like 15 or 17 years of the best moment as an athlete. And besides, coming back from a six-year retirement complicates it twice. If we add to that difficulty that his first retirement was due to his knee, the degree of difficulty multiplies. Complicated, yes it is.

Differences from the George Foreman case

There are those who argue that the full weight George Foreman he was able to be crowned at 45 after 10 years of retirement. What if Foreman could, then the goal of Martinez It is not impossible.

But the case of Foreman it can be qualified as a half-truth, because it is very different. If it is true that Foreman He was retired for 10 years and was crowned world champion again at 45 years old. However, it must be clarified that his return to the ring was at 38 years old and he had to grind glass for seven more to achieve it. That is Foreman he had extra time to re-condition.

Therein lies the difference with the case of Wonderful. After six years away, she comes back; but already 45 years old, a questionable knee and all the physical handicaps that haunt you at that age. There is loss of reflexes, slowness, premature fatigue, among other deficits.

It is true that there are atypical cases such as Bernard Hopkins who won a world championship at age 49. But Hopkins He never retired, he always stayed in shape, and he never had a serious injury in his career.

The Best “Forties” in Boxing History

The path to the goal of Maravilla

The truth is that there is a good friendship between Gilberto mendoza (president of the AMB) Y Sergio Martinez. And therefore, some confidence or hunch will have the leader in the Argentine, as to place him sixth in the rankings in his body, after a victory against a mediocre fighter. Sergio He will return once more in this disastrous 2020 and his next fight he announced for next December 5.

Of the rivals that have been mentioned, all have been low-level. It seems that he could get a world opportunity if he keeps fighting and beating class C boxers. Something will be up to Gilbertito about.

There is no boxer who comes from retirement, and who with 40 years or more returns to the fore. Sugar ray leonard he tried, but as payment he received the first and only knockout of his career against Héctor “Macho” Camacho.

Hopefully Sergio “Wonder” Martinez achieve your goal and be crowned champion again. Latin Americans would have another record to boast. And hopefully that return does not have an end to regret, because poor conscience of those who “helped” him.

As you can see, history is turning its back on the intentions of Sergio “Wonder” Martinez.

*The author, DAMIÁN FERRER, is The Boxing Philosopher, and you can follow him on his Facebook page.

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