Is the bubble coming? The NFL’s plan to save the season

Is the bubble coming?  The NFL's plan to save the season

Last Tuesday the NFL had already passed three dates, in which 48 games were played. Despite isolated incidents in the party of the Chiefs and in the meeting between Vikings and the Titans, everything seemed to be going well. But this Saturday it was revealed that the policies against the coronavirus applied by American football are not being as effective. That is why the leaders are analyzing a radical change in their protocol.

Taking into account the recent incidents of irresponsibility in Las Vegas and the number of infections that are rising, the NFL is considering completely changing its current modus operandi. And look at the other leagues in the country to find a way to curb the positives. Although it is still missing, a massive contagion could occur in the coming weeks and compromise the health of all those involved in the organization of the game.

In addition, if there was a coronavirus outbreak, the league would have to suspend its matches and postpone them. But already the number of games is reaching a level where it would become impossible to reschedule and complete the entire tournament. That is why the NFL is seeking a more significant change in its health policies. Between these modifications there could be a kind of bubble.

The NBA has had a relentless protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the league. And that’s why it’s not unreasonable for American football to copy some of these ideas for their tournament. The idea of ​​the NFL is simple: put all the members of the franchises inside a hotel and isolate them from the outside world until the arrival of the Super Bowl, where there will be four teams.

Why not a bubble like in Disney?

Unlike basketball, American football still has its 30 teams in competition and the rosters are vastly larger compared to the NBA. The only thing missing is the authorization of the players’ association, which probably requires some other benefit considering that they will be marginalized for more than three months. The reality is that the current model cannot continue and the faster it is resolved, the more likely it is that the 256 games remaining in the season will be played.

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