The ball rolled again in Argentine soccer: several first division teams played friendlies

The ball rolled again in Argentine soccer: several first division teams played friendlies

Despite not having confirmed dates for the return of the Professional League, several clubs of the first division of Argentine soccer starred friendly preparations.

Huracán and Arsenal played a great game in the Ducó
Those led by Israel Damonte defeated 4-2 Rondina’s men in a first half full of arrivals and a second act that deflated as the minutes passed. At the two of the initial part, as against All Boys, Lucas Merolla won with a head and thanks to Gagliardo’s rebound, he opened the scoring for the local. On the four, Andrés Chávez stayed hand in hand and did not forgive. At seventeen Juan Fernando Garro eluded the Ass goalkeeper and made it 3-0. The discount came around twenty when Candia defined in a great way. However, Santiago Hezze appeared alone at the far post at 29 and scored the 4-1. Those of Rondina again discounted at 13 of the complement due to the penalty that Nicolás Miracco converted. In this way, Globo won their second friendly, since in the first they defeated Albo de Floresta 2-0, while Arsenal added their second loss after losing 3-2 to Lanús.

Vélez beat Lanús and remains unstoppable
Mauricio Pellegrino’s set beat 2-1 to Lanús in a match disputed in the Amalfitani. Lucas Janson scored for the local team, after a great play together, and Juan Martín Lucero, who defined alone in the area. For those from Zubeldia, Nicolás Thaller had temporarily matched the head. Borgogno saved De La Vega a penalty on the six of the second stage. El Fortín thus achieved their second victory, since they had defeated Estudiantes, while Garnet added their first fall because they triumphed against Arsenal in the week.

Godoy Cruz drew goalless against Gimnasia de Mendoza
The Tomba equaled 0-0 before the Wolf in the ‘Property of Coquimbito’. The match was played in two 35-minute halves. Those of Diego Martínez jumped onto the playing field with the following formation: Ramirez; Carrasco, Goñi, Herrera, Silva; Abrego, Henriquez, Tesuri, Ojeda; Badaloni and “Morro” García. The only change was the entry of Matías González at 17 in the second half by the Uruguayan forward. Ojeda had the clearest of the game, but his shot went wide.

Workshops and Institute no differences were made at Kempes
The T and the Glory tied 0-0 in a friendly held in Córdoba. Alexander Medina’s team formed with: Fragueda; Tenaglia, Komar, Pérez, Díaz; Pochettino, Puigdellivol; Araujo, Álvez, Valoyes; Cabral.

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