They bother him? Carlos Sainz gave his opinion of those who make fun on social networks

Carlos Sainz

Increasing team performance Mclaren suggests that the movement of Carlos Sainz it’s a big mistake. However, the Spanish rider is very sure of the decision he has made. Sainz believe that happen to FerrariAt a bad time, it can be a great opportunity in your career. In addition, the British team has already confirmed the change in power units, which may mean a fight for the first places.

The Spanish assured this Friday in an interview with the medium ‘’ his decision to leave for the Maranello team. Sainz He said he reads and listens to those who make fun of the decision I made earlier in the year. However, the current member of Mclaren He said that those who make fun of him can do it and he even finds it funny.

Sainz He says the memes he usually sees on social media amuse him, especially when they’re about him. “Honestly, they can laugh as much as they want. I think some of them are actually quite funny. People have a lot of free time and they come up with very funny ideas ”, commented the Spaniard.

The pilot of Mclaren, said he laughs at those who make those jokes. “I also laugh when the jokes are about me or the drivers. I am the first to laugh and I enjoy it. It doesn’t mean they’re right or wrong, it’s just that they’re fun. I suppose that’s what they want, so good for it, “he assured calmly Sainz.

To close, the Spaniard confirmed that he is planning to move to Italy, in preparation for his arrival in Ferrari. “I haven’t moved yet. I’m on it. My team, more than me, is trying to find a place. I’m still focused on my season. But yes, as soon as the season is over I will start thinking about next year, I will move to Italy when I see fit, “he concluded.

Carlos Sainz will join the Ferrari team in 2021. Source: McLaren

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