What will happen? Carlos Condit is excited to win this Saturday at Fight Island 4

What will happen?  Carlos Condit is excited to win this Saturday at Fight Island 4

The seasoned UFC fighter, Carlos Condit, will see action this Saturday in Abu Dhabi, when it collides with Court McGee. In the last of the preliminaries, both will try to achieve a victory that leaves them better positioned for what comes. The desire of both is to be able to enter a Top 10, and they know that there is no margin for error to achieve this. Thus, it will surely be one of the best matches of the evening.

“I think I must win in the sense that if I lose, it will hurt too much and stink like never before,” was what he began by saying. Condit, in the previous UFC Fight 4. “I’m not really attached to ‘oh, this is the doomsday scenario for my career.’ I think that is putting too much pressure on things that I cannot control, “he said, after trying to get out of several consecutive defeats, which have not lowered his spirits.

For its part, Charles He also said: “I prepared myself thoroughly and rigorously for the fight and I think I will straighten my head. Those are the things that I am in control of and I know that if I go out and compete the best I can, I will win this one. If I win, I think there is a lot to say if I go out and put on a good show. I think this is the opportunity to change what is happening at this moment.

Wants to return to victory

“There have been a lot of different things inside, related to training and then to my personal life. A lot of those fights I felt like it was good, but at the time things didn’t come together. In some I did not have the best of my performance, but I think that this time I will be able to take out the hard and arduous effort that I have had in these last weeks, “said the experienced UFC fighter.

“My ‘why’ is to fight because I love it and to earn some money at this point in my life. Seeing where that takes me, I don’t think I have to suffer much this time. I don’t think my best moment is past, I feel very good to continue adding victories. I have had a skate in my professional career, but I feel that I can turn it around and make a career safely, “he closed Carlos Condit, the one that returns to the Octagon on Yas Island.

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