Worst! Terrible injury leaves Cody Garbrandt without a title fight

Worst!  Terrible injury leaves Cody Garbrandt without a title fight

It was Friday afternoon when it was announced that Cody Garbrandt will be out of UFC 255, after physical complications. He himself revealed what happened so that he did not attend one of the most interesting events, where he was just going to seek to get the Bantamweight title again. Now, after his words, the situation was understood and received great support from the fans.

“I wanted the whole world to know that I have a grade 3 distal tear. I had COVID, I tested positive for COVID a few months ago and I was unable to train in MMA for about a month and a half. I kept my weight down, which is why I have been cycling a long time just to maintain conditioning. I went back to training a little over two weeks ago, my biceps was sore, “he began by saying.

“I was only able to train, I hadn’t been doing MMA, he’s been walking a lot, doing strength and conditioning. Keep my diet very clean and healthy. I’ve been at 141 pounds, so my weight has been good. My arm was sore for about two weeks just from going back to MMA and hard training. Obviously, they were seven weeks away from the fight, “he explained. Garbrandt, focusing on what happened.

Not afraid to lose weeks

At the same time, Cody He also revealed: “So on Monday I went to strength and conditioning, training, I ended up with a bit of bag work. My arm was a little tight. I didn’t think any of that. I came back two or three hours later to work with my coach Michael Malott, he had a great pad session then. It was obviously still tight and sore. Later that night and night, a kind of throbbing pain, more sore than usual.

So I put some CBD cream on it and had an edible and went to sleep. He passed out and woke up at 2 in the morning in excruciating pain. My bicep was very swollen, to one side. I went to see the surgeon yesterday. Waiting for an MRI to see if something else is damaged, “he added Garbrandt, letting it be known that you are not really fit to enter an octagon.

“I spoke to the UFC to let them know that I probably need five weeks, I would go back to training so I can fight at the end of December. They chose to replace me with Alex Pérez. I can’t be upset or angry, the show must go on, I get it. But they promised me the title fight upon their return from being healthy. I can’t fight destiny. It is my destiny to be a world champion. It wasn’t going to be in November. So 2021, excited to go back there », closed Cody Garbrandt.

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