After 18 hours of check-ups at the hospital, Ivan Baranchyk was discharged

Tras 18 horas de revisiones en el hospital, Ivan Baranchyk recibió el alta médica

On Sunday afternoon Ivan Baranchyk He was discharged from the hospital after undergoing various medical examinations and ruling out any brain damage after the brutal fight and horrifying knockout he experienced against Chon Zepeda Saturday night.

Baranchyk leaves the hospital

It was just over 18 hours that the Belarusian spent in the hospital after he was brutally knocked out in the fifth round of his fight with Chon Zepeda. It was an intense match where each of the fighters went to the canvas four times.

However, it was Sunday afternoon, shortly before 5:00 p.m. CDT, when Lou DiBella, promoter of Ivan Baranchyk, confirmed through Twitter that the fighter had received a medical discharge.

“Leaving the hospital with our co-promoter, Tony holden, there is our hurt but grateful warrior, Ivan Baranchyk. Last night he lost a brutal but unforgettable combat. Fortunately, she is well enough to talk to her family and appreciate the 2020 fight. God is good, ”she tweeted. Say Bella.

The post was accompanied by a photo of the fighter with a swollen face, but with a huge smile.

Journalist Chris Mannix, of Sports Illustrated reported in Twitter that the prolonged stay of Baranchyk in the hospital it was due to the fact that some concern was generated after the first brain tests performed on the fighter. However, after further studies, Ivan Baranchyk He was discharged by Nevada doctors.

Chon Zepeda vs Ivan Baranchyk: a brutal fight with a creepy knockout

It is difficult to find other adjectives that describe the intensity of the combat they experienced Chon Zepeda and Ivan Baranchyk where both went to the canvas a total of eight times.

The knockout was a left hook from Chon Zepeda that went right into Ivan’s jaw Baranchyk and disconnected it immediately. The Belarusian was knocked out in midair. In addition, his head slammed violently against the floorboards as he fell, and his right leg was grotesquely bent. Baranchyk he did not have any kind of government over his body after receiving that hook.

The portal Boxing Junkie made a chronology of the minutes that passed from the moment the knockout occurred.

2:44 minutes after falling to the canvas was when a doctor removed his mouth.

4:00 minutes later he was able to get up partially, with difficulty, and sit down.

4:39 minutes later they helped him sit on the bench.

6:15 minutes later he managed to stand up and walk slowly.

6:48 minutes later he was able to walk slowly out of the ring, being helped down the steps and was transferred to a medical tent for further check-ups.

12 minutes later, he was admitted to the ambulance to be transferred to the hospital.

18+ hours later he was discharged from the hospital

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