Daniel Ricciardo’s change of mind: «You have to be prepared»

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is a person who accumulates hundreds of fans in the grid of the Formula 1. The Australian is very open to good relationships with all his colleagues. However, in recent days, a small group of followers harshly criticized the pilot who joined Lewis hamilton, as one of the most visible faces in the fight against racism.

To the pilot of Renault He could be seen lately wearing a black mask, with the word ‘equality’ and he detached himself from some colleagues who are resistant to expressing themselves. Ricciardo He assured that he was inspired by the attitudes he had Naomi osaka, during the US Open. This Saturday, Ricciardo gave an interview in which he clarified the reason for his expression.

The focus of criticism was Ricciardo it’s on social media. This is why the Renault commented that he tries not to read negative comments. “With the issue of social networks, I think in general I try not to read too much because you may receive 95% positive messages, but it only takes that 5% to get a little angry,” he said.

Progress: key

In addition, the Australian was very happy with the progress in society, since he feels very comfortable talking openly about the subject. “I was not very comfortable talking about it earlier this year. So to start talking about things that have never been talked about before, whether it’s racism, mental health, or any of these topics, it’s kind of overwhelming. So you have to be prepared to open yourself up to being criticized a bit. “

By last, Ricciardo commented that he thinks people need to talk a lot more about these issues. «I think especially with the issue of racism. One big problem is silence, and it’s the people you know are too comfortable in their shell not to speak. I think that’s the thing: It just encourages you, if you have a voice and it’s positive, then speak up. ”, Said the Australian.

The Australian with his mask inspired by Naomi Osaka’s. Source: Formula 1

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