In an eight-knockout war, Chon Zepeda delivered a horrifying knockout of Ivan Baranchyk

En una guerra de ocho caídas, Chon Zepeda le dio un nocaut espeluznante a Ivan Baranchyk

In a fight where there were eight falls, Chon Zepeda had the last word and ended up giving him a creepy knockout Ivan Baranchyk in the fifth round.

It was a war in which each of the fighters went to the canvas four times from the very first round. And it is that the fight started a bit harassed and Baranchyk managed to knock down twice Zepeda, although with blows that did not seem blunt, but more a product of the struggle. But the fight started very busy.

In the second the war continued. Zepeda could send to the canvas Baranchyk, who looked hurt and with wobbly legs. When Zepeda he went to try to finish it, he found a hand that sent him to the canvas.

In the third episode the same trend was followed. Both fighters throwing bombs at each other and acknowledging receipt of the blows. It seemed that at any moment one of the two would fall permanently, as both showed little resistance to the blow. Zepeda brought down again Baranchyk in that third round, and he seemed to take an advantage.

Baranchyk would go to the canvas once more in the fourth inning when he was caught with a hook and fell again.

The fifth round did not change. Again, constant exchanges and bombings everywhere. Y Baranchyk turned back to Zepeda against the ropes, and recorded his fourth knockdown.

But when the fight resumed, the exchanges continued, with a sense of danger in the air. And at that moment, the eerie knockout of Chon Zepeda. When Ivan I enter, Zepeda He received him with a violent left hook that went straight to the Belarusian’s chin, who fell disconnected and in a bad way. The referee immediately ended the fight, without a count in between. And it would take several minutes for the Belarusian to be revived.

Total Zepeda he went to the canvas twice in the first round, once more in the second and once in the fifth. Baranchyk, meanwhile, was knocked down in the second, third, fourth and fifth rounds. A real war.

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