Take off: Carlos Condit hints at his next big fight in the UFC

Take off: Carlos Condit hints at his next big fight in the UFC

The experienced and legendary fighter of UFC, Carlos Condit, gave hints of who his next rival in the cage may be. Court McGee was his opponent this Saturday at Fight Island 4, where he got a great victory by split decision. Thus, he is excited about what may come for him: «There are a series of confrontations that are intriguing: Nick Díaz, Matt Brown, etc. We have been scheduled to fight multiple times. We’ll see”.

His sayings

“Part of the game plan was to fight long distance. For whatever reason, Court didn’t shoot much. He has a very good wrestling game. He’s very good at pushing guys against the fence and grinding them down. I think that fired him. He wasn’t able to shoot much. I just wanted to keep pushing the pace, “the experienced fighter began by explaining, analyzing what happened in the last match of the preliminaries.

For its part, Charles He noticed the same thing as many people in their homes: his rival’s nose burst. ‘I saw that his nose looked like a boomerang. So I was going to try to target that more. The court stood up and I don’t think they knew exactly what happened. I think he thought the fight was over (after he got knocked down). Competing at this level for a long period of time, you are going to have wins and losses. I am still fit to continue down this path, I have no problems, “he said.

I still have fire in my guts. This fits perfectly into the madness of 2020 for me. It’s been a while since I had a win. I haven’t fought in almost two years. It feels very good. I love this. I love what I do, win or lose. I am a competitor. I come here to show up and raise my hand. It’s been a while since I’ve had my hand raised. It feels incredible », he closed Carlos Condit, after returning to victory, after five years without doing so.

Dream about Diaz

Knowing that Nick Diaz is another one of the legendary fighters who has gotten back in shape to return to the cage, Condit rubs his hands. He is one of those who wants to face him on his return, being the first candidate to face him. Clearly it would be one of the most watched contests, knowing that two of the old school would face each other in the most important octagon in the world once again. Now, it only remains to know if it will happen or not.

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