Angry? Germaine De Randamie asks for respect in her UFC category

Angry?  Germaine De Randamie asks for respect in her UFC category

In UFC Fight Island 4, Germaine De Randamie slept to Julianna Pena, for which he was later controversial with his statements. Everything happened in the third round, when the winner applied an impressive guillotine to her rival, who did not want to tap and ended up resting on the canvas. After that, at the post-event press conference, she stopped talking for her answers, asking for the respect she deserves for her professionalism.

“I honestly believe that I have not received the respect that I think I deserve. I’ve made history in my career a couple of times, a lot of times. I didn’t really understand respect, and I’ve seen in the past that if you’re an idiot, you get respect in the UFC. I don’t want to be an idiot. I want to stay true to myself. But I think I deserve a little more respect for everything I have done in my career, “he began by saying, making clear what he wants.

«I am 36 years old, my job full time, I train in addition to my full time job being a police officer. I’m getting a little bit old, it’s not easy and I deserve a little credit for that. I felt a little tight, but he gave me the neck in the second round. She went for the guillotine. I think he lost a lot of air doing that, and he wasn’t squeezing. I have learned some lessons, and she gave me her neck, “he also added to his sayings, explaining the end of the fight.

Want the belt

Understanding that something important may come for her, Germaine she reported: “I told my coaches, ‘If she gives me her neck, I’m going to put her to sleep,’ and I felt like she was coming out. I said to (referee Jason) Herzog: ‘He’s out. She’s out, ‘and she fell and I won. Don’t get me wrong: I love to fight. I just want to make the fight entertaining. Nothing boring. Give me an entertaining fight, even if it’s a title shot or not.

Just give me an entertaining fight, because I’m here as an artist. A belt is fine. Do you know how many belts I have? I think a dozen. I have to clean that up. Seriously. I don’t like dust. I can fight with anyone, wherever, whenever, “he closed Germaine De Randamie, asserting his last name and offering to fight again for the belt. Not knowing what’s coming in his future, he’s aiming for something giant at this stage in his career.

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