Chael Sonnen Advises Conor McGregor Against Dana White: “Don’t Do It”

Chael Sonnen Advises Conor McGregor Against Dana White: "Don't Do It"

After Conor McGregor tip off your charity fight with Dustin Poirier, Dana White tried to promote her in the UFC. Therefore, the experienced and expeller of the aforementioned company, Chael sonnen, left a wise advice for the legendary Irishman, who also had several exchanges with the businessman. Clearly the president wants this fight under his signature, which apparently will not be done.

«I wish you Conor the best, but if I could give you some advice, and I’ve given you a lot over the years, don’t go to the promo game. You’re going to fall on your face, and you don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t think Conor is going to promote a fight any more than Floyd Mayweather has promoted a boxing event. Floyd runs with TMZ and the money team: you could not enter his office right now if you wanted, because he does not exist, “he said at first.

It’s not real, more than Mcgregor Sports and Entertainment is real. They are just some names that they put on a letter and a file for a tax identification number. They are not real things. But you need to keep it that way. I’m not kicking Conor right now. I don’t really care what he does one way or another. Inmates cannot run the madhouse. Everyone else is going to lose money. Conor you are going to lose money, “he said.

He does not advise you to accept some challenges

For its part, Chael He also said, “They’re going to have to figure this out. I’ve seen so many guys go toe to toe with Dana and think they’re bigger than the organization, and Jones is going through it right now, where he’s also retired and is going to vacate. Henry Cejudo, God bless him, if he was trying to play chess or he honestly thought he wanted to come out on top. They were all doing it as an attempt to get over it, and these guys, they did it wrong.

«The sport continues. Or they have been in sports and are suspended. For Jon Jones to believe that he has a power in this industry, he has been suspended twice and the industry went very well. It’s just a very weird deal. It’s this very strange concept where you can lose touch. I don’t know how that happens. I also imagine that it comes from the people around them and I tell them how great, valuable and important they are. It’s just one of these things, “he closed Chael sonnen in this regard, leaving several controversies.

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