Dillian Whyte calls Wilder an idiot for firing coach Breland


Dillian whyte described as “idiot” Deontay Wilder, for firing Mark Breland, his team’s co-coach who threw in the towel in the rematch with Tyson fury.

Wilder prepares for his third fight with Fury, with date and place to be confirmed. His training body is the same, but no longer Breland.

“It’s the worst mistake he’s ever made,” he said. Dillian whyte in interview for Sky Sports. “Mark He was the only person on his team who was actually a boxer who was a world champion. He was the only person who didn’t care about fame and money. “

Whyte was emphatic in that Wilder he was wrong to fire the coach.

Deontay Wilder he’s an idiot, clearly he couldn’t see it, “he said. Whyte. “Good luck to him, he’s his team and he can do whatever he wants. But I think it is a mistake. Mark Breland He is the only one who knows boxing on his team ”.

The Jamaican-born highlighted details of the coach’s personality Breland.

“He is a world champion,” he said. Whyte. “She doesn’t care about money or fame, you don’t see her running or screaming. He’s a calm and quiet guy, he does his job ”.

Whyte noted that it was Mark Breland who saw the damage he was taking Wilder and threw in the towel to stop the fight. That was something that Deontay Wilder he reproached his corner as he assures that everyone had instructions not to do so.

“He understood the emotional point of view, thought about his health and did the right thing to throw in the towel. They were beating him, and they could have seriously hurt him, “he said. Whyte on the action of Breland. “They were beating him ( Wilder) with blows that were shocking him. Mark Breland you know what that is, because Mark Breland has been in the same situation as Wilder. He is someone who cares about the athlete, and the side of the boxer ”.

Whyte-Povetkin 2

Dillian whyte has been preparing his revalidation for weeks with Alexander Povetkin, who knocked him out during the fifth round of the first contest.

Whyte announced a separation on good terms from his old coach Mark tibbs in July, and he has no intention of making any major changes to his workgroup.

“I’m not looking for excuses. I went to the fight in good shape, without injuries. Credits to Povetkin, who threw a good blow and connected ”, he was sincere The Body Snatcher. “It’s boxing. You can win 11 1/2 rounds, but be stopped in the last 6 seconds. “

The second cross between Whyte Y Povetkin It will be on November 21 of the current year.

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