Will they help you? Luigi Vendramini asks UFC to support him with his visa to fight

Will they help you?  Luigi Vendramini asks UFC to support him with his visa to fight

Luigi vendramini did not have to perspire much to finish off Jessin Ayari in Fight Island 4. It was just over 20 seconds that passed for him to build a technical knockout that made noise in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. In this way, he himself spoke with the press in the conference after the event, leaving several interesting phrases about it.

After a few warning shots, the winner was not afraid of his rival and stood in the octagon to give him a finishing class. With a combination that stood out, he himself ended the fight with a kick to the chin of his opponent, which he later ended up sending to sleep on the canvas. In this way, he made it clear that he has no problem fighting again this week, although it will be difficult for them to give it to him.

Wise words

«I have ten fights: one loss and nine finishes. I finish my rivals all the time, it’s something that I get used to every day. I’m going for this one more time. I want to fight. I don’t like ellipsis, I want everything to end. All my fights in Brazil, I do this. I did what I was born to do: knock out people or subdue people, ”the fighter began by saying.

At the same time, Luigi He said, ‘I feel amazing. I waited too long for this. The victory was as I wanted. I felt like this would happen. Debuted in UFC and I lost. I don’t feel like a UFC fighter when I lose. I had to win against someone. Now I am a UFC fighter. I had to win to change my life and that of my family. I’m very happy. I want to fight soon because I need this, but the problem is the visa. If the UFC helps me, I can fight in three weeks, a month, I’m ready.

“Everything that happened was to get this great victory. After everything that happened, I feel like my life started now. At this moment it all began for me. I really feel great and this elevated everything even more. He had never fought in this division. Last time when I was with a big fighter, I got hurt fast. The injuries marginalized me, but now it all started “, he closed Luigi vendramini.

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