How many minutes played do the “Europeans” called up by Ledesma arrive at Los Pumas?

How many minutes played do the "Europeans" called up by Ledesma arrive at Los Pumas?

Mario Ledesma announced the list of players who will face the Rugby Championship that will begin on November 7 and of the 45 names that he selected 13 play in teams of France or England. These are the only ones that so far added minutes of play with official matches in their clubs.

What is the amount of time that each one played in the face of the most important tournament in the Southern Hemisphere?

The Argentines and the South Africans will arrive in different conditions than the other two teams in the tournament that already had their internal competition and will even play two games between them for the Bledisloe Cup. New Zealand and Australia accumulate a significant amount of play that can incline the balance when facing players who do not add too many minutes of play.

Guido petti Los Pumas is the one with the most minutes on the court. A faithful custom of the player emerged in SIC that is repeated in the Bordeaux, where it arrived a few months ago. He played 4 full games, 2 for the Top 14 and 2 for the Challenge Cup and has a total of 320 ‘on the court. His teammate, Santiago Lamb 3 games were present, all as a starter. He played 1 game for the Top 14 with a try and 2 for the Challengue Cup against Bristol and Edinburgh, scoring the latter a try. He added 240 minutes on the court. The only 2 that pass the 200 ‘barrier.

Since Racing 92 and due to good performances Juan Imhoff He finished convincing Mario Ledesma to summon him for the first time since he was in charge of the team. The player trained in Duendes de Rosario played the 2 Champions League matches against Clermont and Saracens with the remembered try against the English at the end of the match that gave him the ticket to the final of the tournament. For the Top 14 he played 2 more games as a starter and accumulates 317´.

Facundo Isa said present with Toulon in the domestic tournament. He added 25 ‘against Lyon and started against Toulouse last Sunday. He also entered the 2 Challengue matches of his team. He added 28 ‘in the win over Scarlets and another 24’ in the win over Leicester that gave Toulon a ticket to the final of the tournament. A total of 123 ‘since he returned to chop the oval in the old continent.

Ignacio Calles left his stamp in the 3 games he played Pau for the top 14 French. The pillar started against Montpellier and Agen and entered 23 ‘against Brive. Between the 3 games he accumulated 122 minutes.

Nicolas Sanchez has 2 presentations in the Stade Français for the Top 14 and accumulated 111 minutes. He started against Castres where he played 60 ‘and against Bayonne who accumulated 51’. The hundred minutes gave him the possibility of scoring 25 points with 7 penalties and 2 conversions.

Matías Alemanno is another of those who left Jaguares once he learned that he would have no competition with the team and settled in Gloucester where he played 2 games of which 1 was as a starter. In his first presentation he had the pleasure of scoring a try and the former Tablada accumulated 92 ‘.

The captain of Los Pumas, Pablo Matera, was headline in the first presentation of the Stade Français against Castres and played 34 minutes in the loss against Bayonne that gave him 86 minutes of action.

Another one that has been adding minutes is Mark Kremer that, under the leadership of Gonzalo Quesada in the Stade Français added the 160 minutes that the Parisian team played in the Top 14 since the match with Bordeaux was postponed on the first date.

Ramiro Moyano He only has one Top 14 presentation at the start against Lyon and had to leave at 23 ‘of the complement. An injury to the thigh did not allow the Tucumán to play in recent weeks.

Enrique Pieretto came to Glasgow warriors where I had everything arranged since February. He left Exeter in the middle of the pandemic and in the only presentation with his new club he played 4 ´ in the match against Edinburgh for the Pro14. Facundo Bosch, the hooker who plays in La Rochelle, has not yet added minutes on the court in the 3 dates of the French Top 14.

By last, Joaquin Diaz Bonilla He has already traveled to Leicester to advance the proceedings but will not make his debut until after the Rugby Championship.

It is important to add that the players who play in the French Top 14 have the possibility of adding more minutes since they will only travel to Australia in mid-October. The French competition will have its fourth date next weekend.

Further, Juan Imhoff will contest the final of the Champions Cup with Racing 92 against Exeter on October 17.

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