“I consider myself a 9 in everything”: Fernando Alonso is still on when he returns to Formula 1

Fernando Alonso

The return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 next season is an event for the motor world. The Asturian will return with the team Renault-Alpine in 2021, after his departure in 2018 with the team Mclaren. The Spanish continues to share his movements in the French factory and awaits his debut in some official training.

In addition to sharing images on social networks, the Asturian commented on how he sees himself as a pilot in the autobiographical documentary released in recent weeks. Alonso He is already working almost every day in the factory and getting on the simulator to prepare everything in his favor.

In the fourth episode of his documentary, the Spaniard ensures that he is one of the most complete pilots, since he adapts to many categories. «If people believe that I am the most complete, I agree. I consider myself that way, I am a 9 in everything. Maybe there is a faster driver in the rain one day, maybe there is a faster driver on Saturdays, there is a driver who comes out better, but there are not many more. I’m close to the top in many categories.

A review of his career

The Spanish driver did a review during his career in the Formula 1 at the time of scoring. That’s what I’ve seen. When you raced with V10 engines we were there, the same with V12. Also with Michelin, Bridgestone or Pirelli. When qualifying was a lap. The outings always did me good, just like the rain. In the Dakar It was a surprise to be at the top, and to be able to lead the Indy500 It was also surprising ”, remarked Alonso.

To close, the Spanish driver commented that: «I have discovered myself as a driver who can adapt to any car, circumstance or category, and I have started to take advantage of that for my own benefit. I am aware of my limitations, I have tried to hide them so as not to grant opportunities to my rivals. And what I try is to enhance my virtues, “he said. Alonso.

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