Imhoff, from missing the World Cup to having his rematch with Los Pumas: why Ledesma

Imhoff, from missing the World Cup to having his rematch with Los Pumas: why Ledesma

The story of Juan Imhoff in The Pumas it was one of the most resounding in recent years. He wing rosarino, found in Racing 92 Since 2011 he has known how to shine with the blue and white but he has not seen her since 2015. Now, Mario Ledesma he summoned him again for him Rugby Championship 2020 and everything indicates that the selected shirt will be put on again.

From 2010 to 2015 he played 33 matches for the national team and supported 16 tries. For different reasons, force majeure or the coach’s own decision, the 32-year-old back does not play in The Pumas since October 25, 2015 in the duel for the semifinal of the world before Australia.

After that date, with the inclusion of Jaguars in the Rugby Championship, the UAR arranged that the players who were in Europe or other competencies other than the Super Rugby or locals could not be called to selected.

Then in 2018 Mario Ledesma assumed the position of Head Coach of The Pumas and the situation changed. The coach asked the UAR to be able to call some “European” players if necessary. Already thinking about him Japan World Cup 2019 some players like Juan Figallo Y Facundo Bosch began to be summoned for duels of the Rugby Championship.

That same year, in a heads up with Scrum, since Paris, John Imhoff showed and declared his disdain to wear the The Pumas.

In early 2019, in Scrum he Head Coach of The Pumas, Mario Ledesma analyzed the situation of Imhoff and praised it. Despite saying that the Rosario has things that “you can’t buy in a supermarket,” he assured that the team had a lot of density in the position and players with very good news.

A few days after the declarations of Ledesma in Scrum, the back arisen in Goblins of rosary beads gave a note to a French media and made clear his talk with the coach of The Pumas. “She told me that they are covered in the position,” she assured Imhoff.

Imhoff was not summoned to The Pumas for the World Cup 2019 that was played in Japan and at the beginning of 2020, with rugby completely stopped due to the pandemic, he spoke again about his situation in The Pumas. She assured that she did and will do everything possible to be there even though she did not understand some things.

On Friday, October 2, Mario Ledesma and his staff announced the squad to go to dispute the Rugby Championship 2020 in Australia. The maximum surprise is the return of Juan Imhoff. The back of Rosario Racing 92 You will be able to wear the shirt of the selected team again after more than five years. “He is in a barbarous moment, he is playing and scoring tries,” said the Head Coach of The Pumas to Scrum explaining the reasons for the call.

In Scrum, Ledesma explained what the reasons were and what changed with respect to the non-convening of Imhoff to the world with The Pumas until today when it was decided to call him for the Rugby Championship to be played in Australia.

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