Is Verstappen leaving? Christian Horner gave his face after the rumors: “The contracts are private”

Christian Horner

The output of Sling of the Formula 1 it was a huge shock to the Red Bull team. Especially considering that the rumors of a possible exit from Max verstappen it can be given once the contract is finished. However, in the last hours, Christian horner He came out to respond to the media that began to install the possibility that the Dutchman left in 2021.

According to the mainstream media, Max verstappen has a clause in your contract that indicates that if you do not have a competitive car by 2022, you can disengage from Red bull. This was a bomb and the fans were very surprised. Sling He will continue with the team until the end of the 2021 season and has already announced that if he wants to, Red bull you can build your engines, based on the current one.

Verstappen leaving the team?

The Dutch driver has only one goal on his head: To be world champion. This is why he would not look down on moving to a team that could give him the possibility of achieving his dream. However, in the last few hours, Christian horner came out to deny that there is any clause in the contract. “It doesn’t exist,” he said Horner.

“The contracts between the driver and the team are private, but definitely in Max’s contract there is no clause related to the engine. He is competitive. You feel comfortable in the team and strongly believe in the program of Sling. Also see that Sling has advanced the 2022 engine plans and that is encouraging, ”said the Red Bull team boss.

By last, Horner was very optimistic about what is coming for the team and for Verstappen. “We will take another step forward next year and he is very excited about this, and there is still a long way to go until 2022. Now we must start thinking about a motorcyclist. We need to be clear by the end of the year. Of course we have to consider all options, “he said.

The Red Bull team will be relieving Honda in late 2021. Source: Sutton Images

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