The great story of Galíndez, the Argentine goalkeeper from Ecuador who suffered Messi in Rosario

The great story of Galíndez, the Argentine goalkeeper from Ecuador who suffered Messi in Rosario

The archer Hernan Galindez, the new face of the Ecuador National Team has a very particular history with Lionel Messi, Who he will face on the first date of the Qualifiers towards the Qatar World Cup 2022.

The man from the Catholic University of Ecuador was summoned by Gustavo Alfaro Before the loss of Johan Padilla, who tested positive for COVID-19.

The 33-year-old Argentine, nationalized Ecuadorian, he shared his childhood with Lionel Messi in Rosario and a couple of years ago in a talk he revealed some very curious and interesting details.

In 2018, Galíndez recalled that he was playing a tournament in children and had to go to the arch for urgency. In that tournament He only suffered one goal and it was the work of Lionel Messi himself.

The first goal they made me in my life was made by Messi. We were neighbors in Rosario and we are the same age, so we faced each other many times“recalled Galíndez.

In that championship, Galíndez went to the goal for the first time, since he played as a midfielder. In another interview, the UC goalkeeper recalled that in the final, his team beat Messi’s: “They gave the champion ten bicycles, instead of trophies. In Rosario they play seven against seven, on grass. I saved for Estrella Juniors. I got to the final and we were able to beat them. I have a DVD that corroborates that I faced the monster.

“Lionel Messi is an example. Many times I hear that they say that Messi did not make efforts, that he won everything in Barcelona, ​​that he is a millionaire. But Messi had to leave at the age of 12 all his life, his friends, his school to find out if he could be a soccer player. That was the effort he had to make ”, added Galíndez, recalling the difficulties that Leo had to go through.

When I debuted at Central I had to go down at six months. Rosario is a city that lives football a lot and I had a hard time. I suffered threats and even thought about quitting football. Ecuador gave me the chance to play soccer again. It was a rebirth for me to arrive at the Catholic University in 2012, “she said.

“Playing for the National Team of this country would be the biggest dream I could fulfill. I want to be an Ecuadorian because I love this country and it gave me things that Argentina did not give me”Galíndez concluded in that talk and is closer than ever to fulfilling that dream.

This Thursday, Argentina and Ecuador will meet in La Bombonera for the first date of the South American Qualifiers, to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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