25 years after the return of Diego Maradona and Marzolini’s “Super Boca”

25 years after the return of Diego Maradona and Marzolini's "Super Boca"

He October 7, 1995 It is a day that Boca Juniors fans will never forget, marking the official return of Diego Armando Maradona to the group directed at that time by Silvio Marzolini. It had been almost fourteen years since he had last officially worn that shirt.

That 1-0 against Colón was unforgettable since he left the crossing with the remembered Julio César Toresani, who gave life to the mythical phrase “Segurola and Habana 4310, seventh floor and let’s see if it lasts 30 seconds.”

It was for the ninth date of the 1995 Opening that had Boca as a contender until the end and fighting hand in hand with the Vélez Sarsfield by Carlos Bianchi and José Luis Chilavert.

That team that Maradona reinforced had a very rich roster with Claudio Caniggia, Sergio Manteca Martínez, a young man Cristian Kily González and consecrated figures like Alberto Márcico, Blas Giunta, Carlos Mac Allister and the Monkey Navarro Montoya, among others.

Before that match, they had achieved two wins (against Huracán and Platense) and four straight draws (against Ferro, Lanús, Newell’s and Independiente).

Maradona’s contribution gave the team an important clean and jerk achieving seven wins in eight games and taking the lead of the tournament on dates 12 to 16. In that period they defeated Argentinos Jrs., Gimnasia y Esgrima Jujuy, Belgrano, Vélez, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and Banfield, in addition to a draw before San Lorenzo.

From there he fell into a slump and did not win again. Consecutive draws against Rosario Central and River Plate and two very tough defeats against Racing Club by 6-4 and Estudiantes by 2-1 left him without a chance to fight against Vélez de Bianchi, who accumulated six victories in a row to take the title. The closing of that campaign came with a 2-2 draw against Deportivo Español.

That team was the one that lost the least in the tournament, but the eight draws cost him too many points against the 13 victories of the Velezano team.

He had everything to be champion, but he fell short in definition. Some claim that the team’s tour of South Korea (with victory over the local team) in the middle of the tournament was detrimental to the performance of that team.

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