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The Formula 1 He had moments in history that remained in the retina of many fans, and he usually shares these images on social networks. In recent days he shared the best races in the history of the circuit of Nürburgring and many followers showed their happiness to remember those moments.

This Tuesday, the official account of the Formula 1 again posted a video of the circuit Nürburgring. This time it is the 1985 German Grand Prix, which was won by the historic Austrian driver, Niki Lauda. However, the images that can be seen are not corresponding to who was victorious.

It is the first on-board camera in the history of the Formula 1. Who was driving the car was the French François Hesnault, at the controls of a Renault. In addition, of this particularity, the last victory of Michele Alboreto and a second place of Alain Prost. In addition, in that test she was present. Ayrton senna.

Hesnault he had to drop out of the race after a transmission problem, but he went down in history as the first driver to have a fixed camera on the car. The images have a high quality, taking into account that it is a filming of the year 1985. In addition, you can see the technological advances that exist in these times, since the pilots had a gear lever outside the steering wheel, which at that time was circular .

Today all cars have a subjective camera, and throughout history there were images that will remain in the memory. The historical return of Ayrton senna to the Monaco circuit or the overpasses of Fernando Alonso to Michael Schumacher they are the most remembered.

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This is the first live onboard camera in an F1 race! ?? You’re watching Francois Hesnault in his Renault blast around the Nurburgring during the 1985 German Grand Prix The speed, the sound, the scenery – WOW! ??? # F1 # Formula1 #GermanGP #EifelGP #Motorsports @ renaultf1team

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