Cam Newton coming back? The news about the Patriots QB case

Cam Newton coming back?  The news about the Patriots QB case

The positive of Cam Newton disrupted one of the most anticipated matches of this season start of the NFL. The long-awaited duel between the new QB of New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes will have to wait. Now the player awaits permission to return to Foxborough franchise training after a couple of negative results.

On October 3, Cam Newton was diagnosed with COVID-19, just before the match between New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium for the regular season of the NFL. The match scheduled for last Sunday Night Football was rescheduled for this Monday, and Brian Hoyer was in charge of commanding the ‘Pats’ offense in the match against the defending champions, which ended in defeat 26-10.

Cam Newton Status

Cam Newton It has already had 2 negative results after what happened last weekend. The North American press has confirmed that the past quarterback in Carolina Panthers is totally asymptomatic, so he could return to training this Thursday if he does not present any symptoms in the next few hours. The medical team of the team will continue to test the player so as not to compromise the rest of the team.

“We will take it day by day. I will not try to make any predictions or see through the crystal ball or know where we will be on Friday, Saturday, or any other day of the week. There are many unpredictable factors here. You just can’t tackle them all. So we will work with what we can work on »were the words of the head coach of the Patriots, Bill Belichick.

More cases in New England

This Tuesday, October 6, it was confirmed that the defensive tackle of the practice squad, Bill Murray, had been placed on the reserve / COVID-19 list. This does not mean that the player has tested positive for coronavirus, but it may be a precautionary measure of the franchise for possible direct contact with someone infected. His status is expected to be confirmed prior to the Denver Broncos game.

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