Extremely proud! Scott Coker hints at what will happen to Michael Chandler

Extremely proud!  Scott Coker hints at what will happen to Michael Chandler

The president of Bellator, Scott coker, spoke with the press and was fused in praise for Michael Chandler. UFC 254 will arrive at the end of this month and the mentioned fighter is attentive, since if one of the two who will be in the star falls, he will be his replacement. This has caused inconvenience to many other competitors, since it is from the rival company and has little to do with the one that Dana White commands.

“Michael has been the face of Bellator for the last 10 years, or his entire career, more or less. He has had some of the most incredible battles in Bellator history. Michael and I talked about this. We said that one day he would return, we will hang your poster on the rafters, and you may be the first person to be inducted into the Bellator Hall of Fame, ”the president began, highlighting the great work he has done.

“It’s basically like I’m a GM and my team is like a GM soccer team. It’s like, ‘Look, do we want this guy? Or do we want to sign these guys? There are only so many TV slots, so we’re going to have to make some tough decisions. Letting go of Michael was one of the tough ones, but I think the company is going in a great direction, “he added, proud of the path he took. Chandler.

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On the other hand, Scott He also stated the following: “I personally believe that he is an incredible human being and a great family man. He has great values ​​and is a true martial artist. It exemplifies everything that I love to see in an athlete and saw when he represented our brand. It was, ‘OK, we’re going to rebuild this 155-pound division. You have great opportunities. Let’s let it go.

“At the end of the day, we could have matched it, to be honest. But I felt that his destiny was elsewhere. He is a guy that I will always support. I’m going to watch all of his fights. And what does he say about the quality of the wrestlers at Bellator when a guy like Michael Chandler Does it go off and be put directly into the immediate headline-making conversation? Right? It shows you how great these fighters are here », he closed Scott coker.

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