How Brian Castaño managed to sneak into the United States and be eligible for a mandatory fight


Brian Castaño, the most relevant Argentine boxer of the moment, is training in the United States to, as a mandatory challenger, be eligible for the mandatory fight ordered by the OMB against Patrick Teixeira.

With 31 years and after defeating Wale Omotoso, Brown was positioned as an unavoidable contender for the WBO belt owned by the Brazilian Patrick Teixeira.

Undefeated, skilled and heavy-handed, he has signed the corresponding contracts to fight for the world super welterweight championship.

Brian Castaño managed to enter the United States

But in order to keep his hopes alive as a mandatory challenger, it was key that Brown could enter the United States, amidst the flight restrictions that prevail in the country.

Without the help of the Argentine government secretariats, he managed to depart from the Ezeiza International Airport on September 19. But not without struggling. His reservations for the flight to Miami expired. This is due to the rescheduling of the 85 monthly flights arranged by the Argentine national authorities abroad.

Golden Boy’s intentions

As reported Osvaldo Príncipi for The nation, Brown found two available vacancies in the company American Air and last September 19, he left Ezeiza for the United States.

The first instruction for Brown as soon as he stepped foot into the Miami airport it was to take a picture. Your manager Sebastian Contursi He demanded that he take a picture at the airport to certify his arrival in the United States. It was essential that it be known that Brown I was already in the United States.

And it is that, according to the information that disclosed Prince, and that LEFT PUNCH could corroborate with other sources close to the case, there was an attempt to rule out Brian Brown for the mandatory fight.

The argument for this attempt to discard was the dissemination of an alleged entry ban for Argentine athletes to United States lands. Princi denounces that this was a plan put in place by Golden Boy Promotions, company that represents Teixeira, to ward off Brown of his mandatory duel.

The objective of the maneuver was for the São Paulo boxer to defend his scepter against the Australian Tim Tszyu, and not against Teixeira. And that, in addition, it did it in Australia where events can be held with the public.

In early September, information circulated that the handler of Tszyu, Matt rose, Y Golden Boy Promotions they negotiated that Tszyu, second classified by the OMB, will face directly Teixeira for the title.

They sought to avoid thus Brian Castaño, using the argument of the immigration ban. That is why the urgency to show that the Argentine was already in the United States.

WBO backs Brian Castaño for mandatory

It could not be. The World Boxing Organization enforced its regulations, and supported the Boxi in his place of an urgent opponent.

“Be advised that there is an agreement for the super welterweight fight to be held OMB Teixeira / Chestnut, as ordered by the Championships Committee. The fight was scheduled for April 25, but due to COVID-19, it was postponed. They inform us that it will take place in November 2020. We endorse the decision of the committee. NO EXCEPTIONS, ”he tweeted Paco Valcárcel, president of the OMB.

Nor did the option that the Brazilian unify his reign with Jermell charlo, owner of versions AMB, CMB Y FIB.

Teixeira’s problems

There is a provision of the US government, so that no one from Brazil enters the United States, due to the state of the pandemic in the South American country.

This measure is in force as of May 24, and it is still held without an expiration date.

In North American lands it must be combat, and Patrick Teixeira He has not yet been able to move from his San Pablo.

From this, there are two positions. In the first, you risk directly Golden boy, because the award of organizational rights could be auctioned again.

As a second position, there is the chance that an interim of the world super welterweight crown will be opened, due to migratory setbacks, something with which the OMB never agreed.

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