Is Adesanya retiring or going for Israel? Anderson Silva and his future in the UFC

Is Adesanya retiring or going for Israel?  Anderson Silva and his future in the UFC

There is no doubt that Israel Adesanya is the top king in the present UFC, so Anderson Silva wants revenge. This one already faced him before in the most important cage in the world, but, unfortunately for him, he ended up being knocked out by the Nigerian. Now, with an uncertain future and not knowing if he will fight again or if he will retire, “Spider” does not rule out having him back in the Octagon and collecting the past debt.

«I think I have seen Anderson fight with everyone. I think, in his division, the only fight I would personally love to see again is him and Israel Adesanya. That fight was fabulous. Three spectacular rounds. Israel had to fight hard. It was one of the most technical fights I have seen in MMA history. Two talents, put on a show of martial arts and respect. A second fight would be something spectacular, “began her coach.

Whoever is in charge of training him is not the only person who would pay to see him face-to-face against “The Last Style Bender” again, since there are many fans who ask for the reunion. In this way, it is not really known if it will happen or not, but the South American does not rule out the option and always leaves a space in his agenda in case Adesanya he wants to do the second part of the film.

Ask for revenge

Continuing with the words of Camoes, the coach of SilvaIt should be noted that he continues to press for the confrontation to take place. How many title defenses has he had, how many five-round fights? Eight years, man. This guy fought five rounds for eight years and he has that in his memory, it doesn’t change. You don’t lose that overnight. And (Hall) never fought five rounds, he will experience that now, “he said.

“He can do five rounds (in training), but he doesn’t know if he can fight five rounds. Anderson has proven himself for years and never gassed. His fight with Chael Sonnen was dramatic, and he won in the last minute of the last round. A guy like this, five rounds don’t affect him. It could be even better because it may not be as comfortable for your opponent to test himself for the first time against someone like Anderson Silva“, Hill.

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