It is important? Michelle Waterson and a role that strengthens fighters

It is important?  Michelle Waterson and a role that strengthens fighters

The renowned fighter of UFC, Michelle Waterson, had a round trip with the press and highlighted sports psychologists. The latter is a more than important character according to her, since he accompanies the fighters in the most difficult and complicated moments. Taking into account what the head plays in each fight or even in the previous one, it is undoubtedly more than important. In this way, she left very good phrases in these hours.

“When you see Mike Tyson talking about how he’s going to get in the ring, you don’t just see him talk about it. He takes you into his world and shows you, allows you to feel, allows you to see, allows you to smell everything he is thinking. When Israel Adesanya is talking about what he is going to do, he does the same. When Conor McGregor is visualizing what he’s going to do to become world champion in two different divisions, he’s not just visualizing it. He’s living it, ”the“ Karate Hottie ”began by saying.

Moments that few know

At the same time, Michelle He also commented the following: “And that is the difference between a very strong mental game and a slightly weaker one because it can be visualized, but that is only one sense. You have to be able to feel it. You have to be able to feel what it feels like for my glove to hit his face. I have to be able to smell what it is when it is bleeding, how does that smell when I have it against the cage?

How does her body feel, how shallow are her breaths when I’m on top of her throwing those elbows? What is my body language when I raise my hand? What is my body language like when I land in Las Vegas and have to quarantine? All those things. I didn’t know that people were thinking that. In my mind, I perceived it as a blessing in disguise and that’s how I took it, and I took it and ran with it, “he said, making clear what goes through the mind of an MMA fighter.

To close, Michelle Waterson She highlighted the positivism she has in herself: “I had full confidence that Ang and I would go there and do a show. Like I said, strawweights always do, I don’t know why anyone would think differently. But I think you get a little numb from outside noise while I’ve been fighting. If you allow those things to get into your head it is a great distraction and a great waste of time.

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