Lionel Scaloni and the Qualifiers for Argentina: “Anyone who says it’s going to be easy is wrong”

Lionel Scaloni and the Qualifiers for Argentina: "Anyone who says it's going to be easy is wrong"

Lionel Scaloni, the coach of the Argentine National Team, talked about everything, but He preferred not to confirm the starting team Although it has already been defined to receive Ecuador on Thursday, at the start of the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

“I have decided the team, in the afternoon practice I will communicate them to them first and then the press will know,” Scaloni assured.

“Obviously, we try to play the same way, whoever is in front. We know that it is the beginning of the Eliminatory and it is not easy, but the idea of ​​football is the sameWhoever is in front and we will try to capture it on the court ”, he added in reference to his style of play.

Highlights from Lionel Scaloni’s lecture:

The archers and the search for a headline
“The goalkeepers who have been with us have been the same, beyond some games in CONMEBOL Libertadores that the boys have competed until the end and we have not been able to have them, but most of the time the goalkeepers have been the same and we trust them ”.

“Our idea was always to have a starting goalkeeper and have continuity, but for some reason or another we have not been able to do it. But we are quite clear who the goalkeeper is going to be and hopefully you answer us. Whoever responds will stay in the bow.

“We look for specific things in goalkeepers and all three have it. We do not look for strange things in the goalkeepers, first that he is a tackler and I think they all meet that requirement ”.

Lionel Messi, the decision to continue in Barcelona and the illusion of what is to come
“Leo (Messi) will always be a forward, even if he is sometimes 9 or second. What we try is to have three options up and it will be tomorrow (Thursday). I don’t think his position on the court has changed so much, he is always in the forward positions ”.

“I spoke with him when everything was resolved and I listened to him calm and calm. When he arrived we had an extensive talk here on the premises and he is happy to be here and happy at his club. We wanted him to resolve himself and play again to get in shape. It is positive that he stayed because he played again. We do not get involved in decisions and we do not think about invading their land”.

“The idea is to make a team. They all play well in their clubs and stand out, if everyone does that and Leo too, we will have a competitive team.

“We want to get to that World Cup and one of the reasons is that Leo can play it, we don’t talk about it with him. We all throw to the same side ”.

The difficulties in facing this Qualifying and the complexity due to the pandemic
“I prepare game after game knowing that they have a huge difficulty. The Qualifiers are complicated, but in this context with the first dates without an audience. Anyone who says it will be easy is wrong ”.

“I do not like to separate the groups and less to this one that is already consolidated. It is strange that one group is in property 1 and another in property 2. Fortunately the property is large enough for everyone to be inside. It is a strange situation ”.

“The Qualifiers begin. It is not different from the Copa América, the difficulty of the rivals is the same, the difference is the length ”.

“The decision that Pezzella is not there is that he is injuredHe made every effort to be there, but couldn’t. We are happy with Lucas and he is a player that we consider very well. We would have liked to have everyone ”.

“Before this break, we were doing well, with good feelings. After this time everyone has the same doubt to see how the team is doing. We believe that we have a good base, beyond the boys who could not come ”.

“The times we played I noticed a lot of enthusiasm from the people and very close. If we win and give people joy for us it would be spectacular. The situation is very difficult and winning would not change anything. We all want to win and that people enjoy ”.

“This is a pretty special call. Many do not have minutes for the stoppage and that is why we gave the right to some players who today do not have minutes. This call is very difficult. We didn’t have time to train, for the players to have been able to play. It is important for the future that the players add minutes ”.

“The trips, the protocols, change of hotel, flight, this call is very different. Under normal conditions, maybe we would have taken the option that was always done, but we think it is too busy and stressful for the players. We know that it can be positive to travel 48 hours before to Bolivia ”.

The position of Leandro Paredes and the Argentine midfield
“Paredes has conditions that we all know and we believe that playing like this exploits them in the same way as playing elsewhere. It is so good that it can play both ways. The player who plays well can play anywhere, he was born as a hitch ”.

“Salvio is fine, yesterday (Monday) he did not train as a precaution, everything is cleared up and we have him with us. The low of Gio (Lo Celso) It involves us looking for another boy who can give us what we want for this game. We have options either for attack or to have possession. He is determined and we hope he plays a good game ”.

What to expect from Ecuador?
“It is very difficult to know how the rival is going to play, because of the players and the new coach. We are going to go out to find the gameor, let’s play the way we have been doing it. We have prepared the game in the ways that we think the rival is going to stop ”.

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