Mayweather confident that Gervonta and Santa Cruz fight will sell one or two million PPV

Mayweather confía en que pelea de Gervonta y Santa Cruz venda uno o dos millones de PPV

Floyd mayweather trust the fight between Gervonta davis Y Leo Santa Cruz manage to sell a million house in Pay Per Event (PPV), and even go up to two million.

Gervonta davis is part of the promotional company of Floyd mayweather who has led his career, in partnership with the promoter PBC. So Mayweather has an interest focused on that Gervonta davis can become a Pay-Per-View star.

“I’m hopeful that we can have a million sales, and even two million sales (in PPV for Davis-Santa Cruz)”, He said Floyd mayweather at a virtual press conference. “Everything is possible with the means that exist today and that previously did not exist (when I fought Floyd). Both fighters deserve to be on PPV. I am not here to discredit the ability of these fighters. I want them both to keep growing so that we have record-breaking numbers. “

And the hope of Floyd mayweather it is encrypted that new technologies, such as social media, help promote and sell a fight.

Floyd moved on until June 25, 2005 when he faced Arturo Gatti in his first pay-per-view fight.

“When I fight with Arturo Gatti, we did not have social networks, “he said Mayweather. “We didn’t have the various social media outlets. I was pushing and promoting the first PPV, and we got very decent numbers. I think we made over 300,000 or maybe close to 400,000 the first time. These fighters (Gervonta Y Santa Cruz) can probably top that. And the reason they can overcome it is, as I said before, because today is totally different.

Speaking as a promoter, Mayweather believes that this fight between Gervonta and Santa Cruz could only be done on PPV.

“The reason why I think (Gervonta davis) is ready to fight on PPV is because his fan base is growing. It is getting bigger, “he explained. Mayweather. But Leo has a huge following on the West Coast, in Texas, in Los Angeles and in other specific places. This fight could only be done on PPV ”.

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