Promotor quiere pelea entre Wayne Rooney y Río Ferdinand con fines altruistas

Eddie hearn revealed that he wants to organize a charity boxing match between footballers Wayne Rooney Y Ferdinand River, at Old Trafford.

“I would like to make a fight between Wayne Rooney Y Ferdinand River at Old Trafford, for charity, “said the promoter on the podcast No Passion No Point.

Both legends of the Manchester United They are self-confessed boxing fans, about to train recreationally.

Ferdinand He tried to launch himself into professional boxing in 2018, but was eventually not licensed.

Three years earlier, a video was leaked in which Rooney he was knocked out by the side Phil Bardsley in the kitchen of his house, while gloving.

Wayne Rooney and the boxing festivities

There were many shouts of goal that the current Derby County attacker achieved with the Red Devils jersey.

Some of them, he celebrated with a boxing celebration, in which he threw some fists into the air, and fell KO to the grass.

The funny thing is why he did not do it again: his son Kai I imitated him at school.

“Coleen, my wife, picked him up at school and saw him doing it. They will not see that celebration again ”, explained the English gunner.

Offer to van Dijk

The follies of Eddie hearn they didn’t stop with the charitable boxing match between Wayne Rooney Y Ferdinand, also tempted Virgil van Dijk to fight with Saul Canelo Alvarez.

“To fight, what would my category be? I weigh 90 kilograms ”, asked the Dutchman with a laugh.

HearnNeither slow nor lazy, with promoter instinct, he exclaimed: “You’re at the cruiserweight limit. You could fight with Canelo in medium heavy. I don’t think you beat it Virg“.

The defender was admired by the performance of Alvarez: “I have no chance, ha. He’s too fast, what a fighter he is! “