Reinaldo Rueda defended his payroll for Chile and explained the case of Mauricio Isla

Reinaldo Rueda defended his payroll for Chile and explained the case of Mauricio Isla

The Chilean national team is already preparing to travel to Montevideo to face Uruguay this Thursday, for the start of the South American Qualifiers. But before leaving for the airport, the coach of the Red, Reinaldo Rueda, gave the traditional press conference prior to the match.

On the occasion, the Colombian strategist addressed the issue of the sensitive casualties that he has added prior to the match against Celeste.

“Apart from what this start has been, due to all the problems we have experienced, we have had the misfortune of having seven important casualties in the last two weeks, of which four or five came very regularly,” said the Caleño.

Regarding the situation of Mauricio Isla, who was ruled out before the Charruas and his presence in Colombia is in doubt, he said: “The case of Mauricio Isla, everything depends on the authorities of the Chilean Ministry of Health. They are the ones who have the autonomy to authorize or not his entry to Chile. You know that in Uruguay they denied us that he was with us. “

Regarding inquiries about others absent on the payrollAmong them Eugenio Mena, responded with some annoyance and defended his payroll: “Eugenio Mena has played a few minutes and the Argentine league has not yet started. We must talk about the players who are in the summons.”

In addition, the DT expressed his concern for Alexis Sánchez: “He has been two very difficult, traumatic years, since 2018 at Manchester United. He has only played six continuous 90-minute games in the national team. The current situation is unpredictable. 12 minutes. It is very difficult to evaluate the soccer condition as the athletic condition. “

Regarding the difficulties to work, he said: “Only yesterday we worked with the entire squad, Andía arrived at the last minute. We have had individual conversations, we have shown some videos, seeing alternatives, asking questions. It has been more of an individual coaching.”

Regarding the little presence of players from the Catholic University, the solid leader of the National Championship, replied: “There is no agreement with them not to mention players, we only did it in the microcycle. Now it is my decision.”

Regarding the scarce experience of the squad, he commented: “It is atypical to lose 7 players, almost the entire defensive block. The youth, some have had international participation with their clubs, although it is not the same to be in the Playoffs. That pressure Psychological needs to be neutralized, that is why I have talked with the leaders so that they can be wrapped up well and thus play a worthwhile game. “

Finally, he referred to the idolatry by Uruguay’s DT, Óscar Washington Tabárez: “He is my idol, he is a benchmark for soccer in South America, has a 13-year process that is unprecedented. He has endured all this time with courage and for something his team is the best in South America worldwide. All respect for that coaching staff that works with great humility “.

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