Surprising! Sebastian Vettel no longer has the same love for Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is having a very bad time. The German driver had golden moments in the years he was in the team Red bull. Together with the Austrian team he achieved four consecutive titles and seemed to be the one to succeed Michael Schumacher in the team Ferrari.

Despite the expectations placed on Vettel, the performance of the Ferrari and the total hegemony of the team was hybrid Mercedes, prevented the German from returning to success. This Tuesday, the official podcast of the Formula 1 and the Maranello team driver was the protagonist. In this post, Vettel He left very strong statements of his feeling towards the category.

After the poor results and frustrations with Ferrari, Vettel confirmed that little by little he began to change his vision of the highest category. «I think the relationship you have with the Formula 1 change, it is impossible to maintain the impression you have at the beginning. What you have to keep in mind is that at the same time you pilot, you live and you get older. You would have to ask other people, but I think I’m the same type of person now as then.

I love Formula 1 … but

Despite assuring that his personality remains the same, Vettel He added that he began to “fall out of love” with the Formula 1. «Obviously you are learning about the category and about the people who are in it, those who run it and those who contribute to its world. So I think that has changed my point of view. I still love the Formula 1That has not changed, but love is different today compared to 14 years ago, “he said.

Vettel will arrive at the team Aston martin in the 2021 season. After five years with Ferrari, without titles, the relationship with Mattia Binotto and the team was no longer the same. Carlos Sainz will take his place, and will be the third Spaniard to officially compete in Ferrari. The above were Alfonso of Portago Y Fernando Alonso.

With Ferrari, Vettel did not win titles. Source: Ferrari

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