What is behind Nadia Podoroska?

What is behind Nadia Podoroska?

The question is repeated. What is behind Nadia Podoroska? Although, comparatively, there are far fewer Argentines with a WTA ranking in relation to those present in the ATP world, there is a handful of Albicelestes who are still waiting for the resumption of the “bulk” of the tournaments to continue rising (in fact, Ormachea has already seen official action), accentuated by the emotional contagion from what the Rosario did at Roland Garros, of course.

All this taking into account that Nadia Podoroska defeated Elina Svitolina (5th in the WTA ranking) by 6-2 and 6-4, being the first in the Open Era to enter the semi-finals of Roland Garros from qualifying. In addition, she cut a 16-year streak without an albiceleste in that instance of a Grand Slam.

Nadia started the year at 255th place and, after Roland Garros, she will be the Top 50 WTA for the first time.

In addition to Rosario, there are 17 other Argentines with a WTA ranking:

279th Paula Ormaechea; 28 years; 19 counted tournaments; 220 points

450th Victoria Bosio; 26 years; 9 counted tournaments; 94 points

535th Maria Carle; 20 years; 14 counted tournaments; 69 points

545th Guillermina Naya; 24 years; 7 counted tournaments; 67 points

691a Jazmin Ortenzi; 18 years; 9 counted tournaments; 40 points

704th Eugenia Ganga; 22 years; 15 counted tournaments; 39 points

739th Stable Juliet; 23 years; 8 counted tournaments; 33 points

764th Melany Krywoj; 22 years; 10 counted tournaments; 29 points

891ª Agustina Chlpac; 23 years; 14 counted tournaments; 20 points

897th Catalina Pella; 27 years; 6 counted tournaments; 19 points

101st Sofia Luini; 27 years; 7 counted tournaments; 13 points

1034ª Martina Capurro Taborda; 22 years; 5 counted tournaments; 12 points

1073ª Carla Lucero 29 years old; 2 counted tournaments; 10 points

1119th Andrea Farulla Di Palma; 20 years; 4 counted tournaments; 9 points

1147th Solana Sierra; 16 years; 3 counted tournaments; 8 points

1196th Julia Riera; 18 years; 3 counted tournaments; 6 points

1310ª María Amicuzi; 20 years; 3 counted tournaments; 3 points

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