Another one? Criticisms of Lewis Hamilton are added: “They help him”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton is willing to break the record for victories and championships held by Michael Schumacher as owner. The Briton is about to be part of a select group of drivers who make up the batch of ‘best in history’. This is why the comparisons did not wait between him and Michael Schumacher or Ayrton senna for example.

This Wednesday, the former head honcho of the Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone, assured AFP that it is impossible to compare Michael Schumacher with Lewis hamilton. However, he believes that the difference between the German and the current championship leader is in the quality of the cars both drove.

According Ecclestone, «Schumacher he was driving the car more or less alone. Hamilton he has God knows who to help him by telling him the pressure of his tires, the gears of the corners. It is not related with Hamiltonbut with everyone in Mercedes«. However, the former head of the Formula 1 he does not believe that the Briton is not talented.

Questions without answer

«Nothing bad can be said about Lewis hamiltonYou cannot say that it is not good, that is not the question ». When comparing to Hamilton, with the seven times champion, Ecclestone He wondered: “How good is it compared to another?” He’s super talented and he’s in the top five of the last thirty years. Is he better than Michael? Would Michael have been better with the same car? Is it impossible to answer? ».

The difference between the ancients

By last, Ecclestone He believes that Hamilton’s attitude does not compare with the actions that pilots took in ancient times. «I would say that Michael, Nelson Piquet and the others are more or less of the same species, while Lewis is a little different. I would say that you have no limit in what you do, in the way you dress. If you don’t know Lewis is a pilot, you would never guess. While watching Nelson or ‘Schumi’ you said to yourself: They are pilots. The habit makes the monk, “he said.

The former boss of Formula 1 is inactive in the corporate world. Source: Formula 1

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