Bomb! Georges St-Pierre says he wants to return to the UFC

Bomb!  Georges St-Pierre says he wants to return to the UFC

The legendary expeller of UFC, Georges St-Pierre, made it clear that he does not rule out returning to the Octagon in a short time. This, who knew how to be the emblem of the company for many years and the impulse of young people in this sport, spoke with the press and left several interesting phrases. Knowing that many historic players want to return, he does not look down on continuing on the same path and putting on the gloves once again.

Why go back in? But why not go back in? We only live once. That is the question that I am faced with now, you know? If I get a chance to do it and all the stars align and I don’t, because I still have it now. I’d say I’m in my prime. Will I regret it when I reach 50? I do not know, “began saying the experienced fighter, who knew how to be number one for many years.

«I am a little satisfied. You know what I mean? The satisfaction for the athlete is death. You’re done. You are finished when you are satisfied. To go back, I’m in a frame of mind where I’m not sure. The stars would have to be perfectly aligned. Two years ago, when I retired, we tried to make the fight happen, “he explained. St-Pierre, hinting at what happens when you stop competing.

Illusions everyone with his sayings

For his part, he dares to dream of Khabib Nurmagomedov: «I was all-in. He was trying to make the fight happen. And the UFC I did not want to do it. Two years have passed. I don’t know if the UFC is going to change its mind. Even if the UFC wants to make the fight, they change their minds, the stars have to line up. I have not lost weight for a long time. If it drops to 155, my performance will be compromised. I know that Khabib is the same size as me. Maybe he’s bigger than me when he’s out of the station.

“I never sweat to 200. I’m at 185. That has changed in his favor. If we cut more weight, he is able to recover more than I am. He’s accustomed. I’ve never been a big fan of cutting weight. Most guys are now much older than 185. That is one of the principles of the art of war. Know the terrain. I’ve never fought at 155. To make it fair, we have to fight in a place we’ve never been. That would have to be a condition for me to return if it happens “, he concluded Georges St-Pierre.

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