Infernal! Dan Hardy wants to come back from retirement for the rematch against Carlos Condit

Infernal!  Dan Hardy wants to come back from retirement for the rematch against Carlos Condit

The expeller and current UFC commentator, Dan Hardy, spoke with the press during these hours and exploded a bomb. He himself admitted that he is interested in a rematch with Carlos Condit, that stricker who knocked him out a few years ago and left him to shame. After having been defeated against the latter, his years passed and he could never take revenge for that. It is precisely for this reason that he does not rule out returning to try.

Yes, I absolutely would, of course. This is the only time I was stopped with strikes in a fight. And, as a forward, that was pretty embarrassing. I mean, I laughed at it at the time, but you look back and I say, ‘that was stupid of me.’ I learned so many lessons in that fight, and I felt this. I talked about this in regards to Dominick Reyes, ”the current sportscaster began by saying.

“When you came out of a fight against a world champion, I did not go well against GSP (Georges St-Pierre), but I got to 25 minutes and spent the next four or five months traveling around the United States. Everyone was going, ‘a little takedown defense and you’ll be fine.’ So I’m looking at everyone else in the division, especially Condit as a forward, “he highlighted about the possible crossover.

Will he be able to return?

At the same time, Dan He also expressed the following, deluding many MMA fans: “I’m thinking, ‘Well, you’re not SGP so you’re not going to take me down, so what do you have to offer me.’ And I just had total disregard for his attack power, which was my mistake. I have your number, now I have your reach. And I got too eager to pursue him, and he gave me a good heart.

He looked great the other night, and that’s really what I wanted to see from him. Because I really think he’s up there with the Nick Diaz, (Jorge) Masvidal, guy in this division. He is a lethal individual, he is ‘The Natural Born Killer’. He’s a great striker, he’s very unorthodox, and he’s back in a place psychologically, as well as physically, where it looks like he could have good fights. And who would not want revenge for the only person you did not knock out, absolutely “, he closed Dan Hardy.

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