Pau Gasol: “In the next month and a half I will find out if I can compete again”

Pau Gasol: “En el próximo mes y medio descubriré si puedo volver a competir”

Pau Gasol a deadline of “month or month and a half” for know if you can return to the courts or end your professional career, interrupted almost a year and a half ago by a stress fracture in her left foot.

“This pandemic, within all the bad it has brought us, is giving me a little more margin to regain that foot, and the progression is being positive. In the next month or month and a half, my level of demand on the track it will be very high, and there I will find out if I can compete again “, he pointed.

The Catalan player, who in the coming weeks will incorporate “the contact” in his workouts, he is clear that, “yes in November or December” go “That there is some complication or things are not going as they should go”, you will have to announce your retirement.

The objective, recognized Pau, is “To be able to compete at the highest level for one more season and play other Olympic Games in Tokyo”, but he is aware that he has just turned 40 and that he practically passed the last two blank courses due to his health problems.

In any case, the greatest of the Gasoline said feel “a privileged one” for the career he has had, and that, if he must finally retire, he will leave happy “for having been able to enjoy so many years of sport at the highest level”.

“There comes a time when things end and the lights go out. We all would like to have a dream ending, but most of the time it is not like that. That is why you have to savor each game, each moment, each day, living it as if it were the last”he mused.

“I am very prepared for the next chapter of my life. But I am also working to see if it can extend a couple more pages what I have enjoyed so many years”added Gasoline.

Source: EFE

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