Returns? Eddie Alvarez breaks with everything and wants to fight for the title

Returns?  Eddie Alvarez breaks with everything and wants to fight for the title

Eddie alvarezRenowned and historic UFC fighter, he misses being inside the Octagon and that is why he wants to return. Although he is not sure when or where he will do it, he knows it would be in the cage of ONE Championship. The other thing that is certain is that he seeks to do it to fight for the title, something that he has not achieved for a long time. This being the case, it is unnecessary to mention what it would capture if the event takes place, which is also unrivaled at the moment.

The former UFC and Bellator Lightweight champion has no problem entering the octagon again, beyond the fact that he is already accompanied by several years of life in his physique. Now, he’s made it clear that he’s looking for the opportunity to add a third major championship to his resume. “They said one or two fights,” was what he began by saying. Alvarez Recently. “I don’t even know what that means,” he added.

I’m going to do whatever it takes. I want world championships, and I want titles. I have always been patient. But I do not know. I want bigger names and bigger fights. If I have not shown it in the last 17 years that I deserve great names and I am on that massive stage and fight for world titles, you are simply not watching the sport, “he said, focusing on the confidence that one has to get a belt.

Your wishes are true

For its part, Eddie He also highlighted the following in this regard: “If I can get ahead of the champion, that would be great. If not, I will fight the No. 1 contender and then get there. It is what it is. It’s good, and it’s still growing. Is young. He is hungry. To be able to face the champion of the promotion, I get excited. I present myself in situations of great moment when there are belts on the line and when everything is at stake.

“There is no disrespect for the champion, but I think that as many fights as he has fought for more world title fights than he has actual fights. I don’t feel like I need to test my mettle on someone like that. Got talent. He is a great fighter. But when it comes to resuming and fighting world champions, I have fought them one after the other. ” Eddie alvarez. Now, the question is whether they will give you the opportunity to ONE Championship or not.

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