Surprising! Sebastian Vettel very hard with his time at Ferrari: «I have failed»

Sebastian Vettel

With his arrival at Ferrari in 2015, Sebastian Vettel He had a rosy world ahead of him. However, the poor performance of the Italian team caused the relationship between the German and the Tifosi to deteriorate rapidly. This is why in the last hours, Vettel analyzed his arrival at the brand, and his stay, in which he could not achieve any title.

Vettel spoke on the official podcast of the Formula 1, ‘Beyond The Grid’, and said that his passing by Ferrari it was a failure. The German came up with the idea of ​​being the successor to Michael Schumacher (her nickname when winning her titles was’ Baby Schumacher‘) and leaves the team with a very bad image. Further, Vettel He assured that there were some fights in the team that did not help him.

The German came from Red bull in 2015, replacing Fernando Alonso that he had failed to achieve his third title and would go to Mclaren. Despite not achieving his mission, Vettel assures that he does not regret having chosen Ferrari. “I do not regret it when I look back, but it is true that I have failed because the mission I set myself was to be champion with Ferrari and I did not do it, I did not manage to do it,” he commented.

Fights that didn’t help

The German commented that behind the pit walls, things happened that did not help his stay in Ferrari was more bearable. There are things I should have done better. Things that maybe I should have seen before. Fights I shouldn’t have chosen. But, I think everything that happened led me to where I am now. And generally I’m not talking about things that happen on the track.

Happy with what’s coming

By last, Vettel He insisted on not being sorry for choosing Ferrari and he believes there was no need to fight in these fights. “Part of that is probably my nature and it was natural to do it, and I think he was right in some of these little fights and battles as well. Ultimately, this is how one grows and learns. The important thing is that I do not have the feeling of regret. I’m happy to move on, “he commented. Vettel to close.

The German hopes to finish his tie with the red team in a good way. Source: Ferrari

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