The confidence of Formula 1 in the face of COVID-19: “We can go to any country”

Fórmula 1

The calendar of the Formula 1 was severely affected after the global pandemic by coronavirus (COVID-19). However, after several months of waiting, the category assured that its health bubble is one of the most efficient, since the number of confirmed cases so far is kept under very strict control.

Bruno Famin, director of operations of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), commented to the American media ‘’ that the health bubble can be applied anywhere in the world. However, this does not depend on the organization of the category, but on the governments of each territory. In the last hours, the Turkish GP I cancel the public visit, due to the high risk it posed for the health system.

Famin He believes that: «The problem is the legal issue, the travel restrictions. If we have to be in quarantine or not and if the local organizer has received authorization to hold the event. That is the key, not the protocol. I believe that with the protocol we can run everywhere, anywhere. But it depends on the authorization and the possibility of traveling there.

In addition, the leader of the FIA believes that the problem of reaching different parts is not theirs. “We have already raced in some countries or regions where the situation was quite bad and we have handled it well. People are very professional and that means we have the evidence that the protocol works in all circumstances. The only problem is the restrictions on the part of the governments, “he said. Famin.

How do you prepare a GP?

In these pandemic times, organizing a race takes time. Famin He assured that everything starts six weeks before the GP. In addition, he commented on how is the treatment of a confirmed case. “We have to organize the processes with the local authorities. We have to know how to work with the tests. We have to know where the limits are, who can go where, how we do control. They are all details. Then in the design, in the process of testing a positive case, we handled it with the local organizer.

For the first time this season, in Russia, there was a large audience. Source: Formula 1

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