Uruguay vs. Chile – Match Report – October 8, 2020

Uruguay vs.  Chile - Match Report - October 8, 2020

(EFE) – A goal after 93 minutes Maximiliano Gomez allowed Uruguay beat this Thursday by 2-1 a Chile in the debut of both in the South American qualifiers heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

When everything indicated that La Celeste and La Roja were going to sign a draw in the Centenario, the Valencia forward, who a few minutes earlier had entered from the bench, showed the formula for victory with a powerful shot that gave the first three points to those led by Óscar Washington Tabárez.

The celestial coach surprised with an offensive formation that showed his good foot from the beginning of the meeting. In fact, when just 20 seconds had passed, Fede Valverde had the first chance with a long shot.

Chile responded immediately through Alexis Sánchez in one of the few that La Roja had in the initial 45.

From there, all the first half was from Uruguay, which had in Rodrigo Bentancur one of the great figures. The Juventus footballer was key in the center of the field, since with him the Celeste had a start from the bottom and creation in attack.

At nine minutes, Valverde again shook his right leg and the post denied him the first goal.

Betting on long passes towards Eduardo Vargas and ‘Maravilla’ Sánchez, Colombian Reinaldo Rueda’s team tried to go more on the attack, although it was Uruguay that continued to create danger.

Brian Rodriguez on the right and at full speed he won the back of his marker on several occasions and there Celeste found the clearest.

One of them, at 38, ended with a block from Sebastián Vegas, who sent the ball to the corner kick. However, from the VAR they called the referee of the game, the Paraguayan Eber Aquino, who after reviewing it gave penalty by hand.

A minute later, Gabriel Arias flew towards a post but Luis Suárez’s ball went towards the other and Uruguay went up 1-0, in goal 22 for ‘Pistolero’ in the South American Qualifiers.

At the end of the first half, Chile went for the tie with a good play by pure touch, but within the area Bentancur put out the fire.

In the second part, La Roja again went on the attack and found her prize. At 54, Charles Aránguiz put together a good play in the middle and assisted Sánchez, who inside the area did not forgive and decreed the tie.

From that moment on, Chile grew driven by the good game of its historic scorer and Uruguay did not disturb goalkeeper Arias.

Along with Sánchez, Aránguiz and Arturo Vidal improved, who made sure that Rueda’s men handled the ball in the center of the field.

Tabárez bet on Jonathan Rodríguez and Maxi Gómez to accompany Suárez, but his rival continued to dominate.

At 90 minutes, La Celeste generated its first goal play of the second half with a header from Diego Godín that was lost nearby.

After that ball, everything indicated that the match would end with 1-1. However, in the last center Uruguay achieved a heroic victory thanks to a shoe from Maxi Gómez.

The forward captured the ball outside the area, shot hard, beat Arias and unleashed the madness of his teammates.

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