What will happen? The court case against Dana White was moved by a “bawdy” tape

What will happen?  The court case against Dana White was moved by a "bawdy" tape

It was announced that a judge from Clark County, Nevada, moved the court case against him Dana White. He himself dismissed a lawsuit against the president of UFC, after a Las Vegas man tries to blackmail him for a sex tape. Of course, he himself was found guilty, since he tried to threaten him to keep him silent. That being the case, the president would have been freed from a great problem.

Ernesto Joshua Ramos was the one who decided to go to trial with Dana White and the UFC. This happened in April of this year, where he accused the president of the world’s most important Mixed Martial Arts company of rejecting an agreement. He himself had to pay him after signing a confidentiality treaty, which ultimately ended up in prison for just under a year. The employer assures that it was only an agreement to enter into mediation on compensation.


“This guy went to federal prison for trying to extort me more than five years ago. Now he has hired an attorney who is also a convicted criminal, and is trying to extort $ 10 million from me again. You didn’t get money from me last time and you won’t get money from me this time. I look forward to the court dismissing it quickly so that I can get rid of this garbage forever, “he said. Dana White.

It should be noted that Ramos did not remain silent and shared a message on the networks: «The opposition did NOT contest the accusations that I presented in court. Judge Jones indicated that the opposition did not care or need a good reputation, but wondered why Dana White suddenly decided that he did not care a week before the sale of the UFC«.

«If the story came out my lawyer explained that it was in fact a problem for the sale…. There is so much that would come out of the discovery, that the judge would dismiss it, stating that the other party: ‘I did not need to act in good faith’… is quite absurd. … Therefore, it is my right under the Constitution, and I can do what seems right for me and for my family, ”he also shared on his Instagram account.

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