Chino Maidana could have a fight on November 13, according to reports


Faced with the projects to resume professional boxing in Argentina, it was reported that the Chinese Maidana He could have a fight again on November 13.

The return of televised boxing evenings is a recurring theme during the moment of pandemic that the Argentine Republic is going through.

There are versions that state that Chino Maidana Promotions will mount a festival for November 13, whose billboard would be headed by a fight of Fabian Maidana, brother of Chinese.

It would be in charge of ESPN, with a possible site in the Country Las Clavelinas, located in Escobar, Province of Buenos Aires. In that place, resides Jorge “Acero” Cali, historical martial artist who maintains a warm friendship with Marcos René Maidana.

It may be that, in the same show, the exhibition planned for April and postponed by the pandemic, which would mean the return of MMaidana “Chino” bows against Jorge “Acero” Cali.

Political signs of the Chino Maidana fight

As reported Popular Daily, Jorge Cali it moved some political contacts to obtain the authorization on the part of the Buenosairean provincial government.

He Chinese Maidana He could return, or at least, he would already have the required permits to do so with all the laws.

For its part, Maidana visited Cristina Fernandez, Argentine vice president, at the end of August, perhaps with the same intention.

The FAB protocol

The Argentine Boxing Federation drew up several regulations, with different measures for the different links of the national box.

For the rented, the restrictions range from the public to interprovincial and international journalists who cover each duel.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation approved all the protocols of the FAB, although many are not yet put into practice due to the advance of covid-19.

Hence, reporters from ESPN arriving in Buenos Aires, must comply with the established rules, but without the need to adhere to the two-week quarantine.

End of a long inactivity

With his final reappearance, Marcos Maidana would resume his successful career after six years in retirement.

After his two contests before Floyd mayweather jr In 2014, the Santa Fe hung up his gloves and that decision seemed final. By 2018, with considerable excess weight, the Chinese He returned to practice gradually, to improve his physique.

His return was dated mid-2020, after exhibiting with Cali steel, but it must have been delayed.

As of today, it is presumed that Maidana I could be back before the end of the year, and November 13 seems to be the day.

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