Lewis Hamilton opposes Formula 1 and defends the trees of Brazil: “There is a global crisis”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton He is a great activist for the environmental crisis that occurs in the world. The British usually share on their social networks great criticisms of companies that contribute to global warming or pollution. That is why in the last hours, Hamilton differed with the organization of the Formula 1 for the construction of a circuit in Brazil.

The organization of the Formula 1 is with his desire to extend the schedule for the next season. He Brazilian Grand Prix It was historically raced on the Interlagos circuit, however the president of that country, Jair bolsonaro, wants to build a new circuit in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The consequence of this would be a deforestation of a forest to locate the route.

At the pilots’ press conference, prior to the Eifel Grand Prix, the few media present asked the championship leader if he agreed with a new circuit. I think the world does not need a new racetrack. I think there are many circuits in the world that are great. I love Interlagos. I have been to Rio and it is a beautiful place, very beautiful “, he commented Hamilton.

Further, Lewis hamilton He assured that he does not know very well what the construction will be like. I don’t know all the details. “I heard it will be sustainable. But the most sustainable thing they can do is not to cut down any trees, especially at a time when we are fighting a pandemic and there is still a global crisis around the world, “commented the de Mercedes.

The word of the GP organizer

River Motorsports is the organizer of the construction of the new circuit of Rio de Janeiro and defended the construction of it. “The removal of these 70,000 trees will be offset by the planting of another 700,000 trees, part of them within the land itself, which will make the area with vegetation larger than it is currently,” they confirmed from the company.

The new circuit of Rio de Janeiro.

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