Lionel Scaloni, after Argentina’s triumph against Ecuador: “It was won, which is the most important thing”

Lionel Scaloni, after Argentina's triumph against Ecuador: "It was won, which is the most important thing"

The Argentine National Team appeared in the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with a 1-0 victory against Ecuador, with a goal from Lionel Messi, and coach Lionel Scaloni expressed his agreement with what was done by his managers: “There are things to highlight and others to improve. I am left with the desire, the solidity, the sacrifice. We will have time to work. The important thing was to get the result forward“.

Here are the statements of the Albiceleste coach at the post-match press conference:

It was won, which is the most important thing to start a competition of this caliber. The conditions were not easy, added to the difficulties of not having been together for so long. “

I was always clear about who the goalkeeper was going to be, but I don’t have to go around saying it a month before or whatever. It is true that there is an incredible level, the other guys who have come are very good and that has raised the level, but the confidence with Armani is absolute ”.

First you have to see the medical part of some players who have finished a little touchedThen we are clear on how to play the game with Bolivia, which has different conditions from all the others and we will try to do it well.

“We knew very well the team that we had brought onto the field. In the week we lost Lo Celso, a player we considered key in the left position. We opted for the Egg (Acuña) that we know never lets us down and we appreciate it a lot ”.

You always have to improve. Not only when you lose, sometimes also when you win and we will work on that ”.

Today there were several players who debuted in qualifying today and it is not easy to play with this shirt. These guys took a big step by debuting and winning.

The opponent played in a certain way that made it possible for us to miss passes and be imprecise, but we were clear that this could happen, especially being the first game “.

We always rescue the good and try to improve what could be done better. Today the team was solid and that is very important in these Qualifiers. To look for other things we will have time and we will try to recover some of the players that we believe can give us a better game. “

I have no idea if Ocampos asked for the penalty or not. He gets along well with Messi, they are teammates who play in the Argentine National Team And that speaks well of what the group is and how Leo is with his teammates, that in the end nobody ever doubted it and that is an important step ”.

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