Luis Suárez begins to say goodbye to the Uruguay National Team: “I have to enjoy my last Qualifiers”

Luis Suárez begins to say goodbye to the Uruguay National Team: "I have to enjoy my last Qualifiers"

Luis Suarez spoke, exclusively, with “90 Minutes of Soccer” Y analyzed the difficulty of the South American Qualifiers, heading to Qatar 2022. He also warned that these will be his last years with the Uruguay National Team.

El Pistolero gave an unmissable interview to the program of the Chicken Vignolo and company in ESPN. He touched on everything, among other topics: his friendship with Lionel Messi and his present at La Celeste.

On playing at the Centennial without an audience, he stressed: “The truth is that it was a strange sensation to play a playoff game with the stadium empty, without feeling the breath of the people. The important thing is that we beat a direct rival like Chile ”.

“It was special to play for the national team again after so long. The South American Qualifiers are more difficult than the European ones. They are longer and there are many difficulties due to travel and transfer, “added the scorer of the first goal, a penalty, in the victory against La Roja 2-1.

He was precisely consulted about the penalty that gave his National Team 1-0 and the one that Chile was not charged, which generated a lot of controversy: “I think that yesterday’s penalty against Chile is, because their player cuts the trajectory when a center comes inwards. Coates’ play is difficult because he comes running, for me it was not, it depends on the referee’s criteria ”.

El Pistolero also revealed that after the matches in Argentina and Uruguay he called Messi to chat: “Yesterday after the game we spoke with Leo. The Qualifiers are getting more and more complicated and Argentina, like Uruguay, is in a change. You have to get used to knowing the dynamics of your new colleagues ”.

In turn, the forward admitted: “We have to enjoy these last Qualifiers in my case and I think in Leo’s (for Messi) as well.”

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