Tabárez: “The team did not fall and that has been a distinctive feature of the National Team”

Tabárez: "The team did not fall and that has been a distinctive feature of the National Team"

Master Óscar Washington Tabárez gave a press conference this Friday at noon after Uruguay’s victory over Chile on Thursday night for the first date of the Qualifiers. The Celeste coach stressed that his team ‘did not fall’ in the match played in the Centennial of Montevideo and then he was consulted about playing without an audience and about the anger of the trans-Andean people with the referee Eber Aquino.

“What left me more satisfied is that the team did not fall, it was better in the first half than the rival, we got the advantage and then we passed a circumstance that was possible.: that Chile surpassed us in the game, they pressured us well, “said Tabárez, who highlighted the temperance of La Celeste to overcome the dominance of the rival:” We continue in the game, we were matching it and as a local team that does not want to stay with the draw We went to look for him, beyond the procedures the team did not fall and that has been a distinctive feature of the team and we do not want to lose it, we had many doubts due to the uncertainty generated by this entire pandemic ”.

The Uruguayan team began winning at 39 minutes with a goal from Luis Suárez, but at nine minutes from the complement Alexis Sánchez equalized the game; in the discounts Maxi Gómez sealed the celestial triumph with a great auction for the final 2 to 1.

Regarding the change in the process of the game that was observed at the beginning of the second half, Tabárez attributed it to the growth of the visiting team: “Chile came to try to push harder, it was much more aggressive, it showed greater intensity, it didn’t do so much in the first half, it surprised us, we couldn’t find the way out. That can happen in football, sometimes there are no solutions or rather the rival is finding them more than us, Chile played better and also has good players, and has a player like Alexis Sánchez who was the protagonist of all that.

The Master added: “It was all the credit of Chile and the important thing for us was getting out of that moment, because the goal in the discounts was given in a circumstantial way but it had been a while since we had taken the game to the field of Chile, their delays were already being seen, Chile was waiting for the game to end, that was the change with respect to the first half of the second half ”.

Tabárez, who stressed that at the moment all the players are in good condition, He was consulted about the great Chilean anger with the Paraguayan referee Aquino. The Uruguayan coach said about public protests from trans-Andean people: “I cannot speak about expressions and feelings of other people, we try not to do that, we have that position. The VAR was established and it must be respected, the desire is to improve it, but I think that you should not find any occasion where you feel harmed to start practically a revolution, it seems to me that we do not do it ”.

“In a Qualifying round you can win or lose, our goal, especially with this uncertainty, was not to fall down and we did it despite the fact that at some point we were outmatched; but in the rest, accept what comes, because the only way to say that we really are what we want is in each game we play. And the rest of the Eliminatory will say who will access the classification, and then another will come, and then another; We cannot stay in the problems, that is our opinion and the basis of our way of proceeding and that is why regarding statements that come from another side, I do not think at all, ”said Tabárez.

Without anticipating anything about the starting team that can play on Tuesday against Ecuador in Quito, the Master did comment briefly on the team led by Gustavo Alfaro, the next heavenly rival and that this Thursday he fell on his visit to Argentina by 1 to 0 in La Bombonera : “It is a physically very strong team with good players; We cannot demand it from Ecuador or anyone else to be a good team when there is so little training time ”.


By last, Tabárez elaborated on what it means to play the Qualifiers without an audience: “These are not normal matches, the public lives the match and plays in their own way, the experience I have is that the public that comes to see Uruguay, or that came He played in the sense that he influenced; this party of so many reactions and discussions with the public was going to be something else. The great losers are the rental teams obviously because that weighs, something that is also seen in the major European leagues where the confidence of the players often suffers when they receive a goal, another and the support does not come from outside; also sometimes the team itself lifts the public from the stands and the public plays in its own way ”.

“The public has to see in the history of football. I also said that the Qualifiers are very difficult because the footballers carry the wishes and aspirations of their people on their backs, that symbiosis has been broken by this pandemic, it is good that we are competing again but until they are not normally things will not be matches that fill me completely, ”stated the technical director of the Uruguayan National Team.

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