Together with a pure goal: Muriel and Duván unleashed in Colombia’s 3-0 victory over Venezuela

Together with a pure goal: Muriel and Duván unleashed in Colombia's 3-0 victory over Venezuela

The Colombia National Team thrashed Venezuela in their debut for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. An intense first half was enough in Barranquilla to get out of the sadness due to the injury of Santiago Arias, to a 3-0 victory with the stamp of Luis Muriel and Duván Zapata.

Atalanta gave a hand. In silence he prepared a coordination of movements that showed its maximum expression in this debut of the Colombian Selection by Elimination.

As Gian Piero Gasperini did at the start of this season in Italy, Carlos Queiroz was encouraged to put Luis Fernando Muriel and Duván Zapata together. That tactical memory of his club supported the coach’s proposal in a week with few minutes of work.

The two forwards replicated in the Metropolitan everything they do in the calcium. Goals, movements, dance … Muriel started on the left but lunged back, played short with James, accompanied on the right. He scored his double for those areas. As a download option to the Johan Mojica centers, another one in Atalanta! for the 2-0 and with the power combined with speed to leave his own field and finish off with his left foot for the 3-0.

Duván, in natural mode. He appeared as a forward center to score 1-0 in front of the goal and also to leave the area or receive from behind to activate circuits. Complete repertoire.

The offensive power was backed by a precise and dynamic midfield. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado on the right in Juventus format as support in attack; Jéfferson Lerma with presence in both areas and the simplicity of James to distribute football.

The 3-0 allowed Colombia to take a breather. He relaxed the pressure, put fresh men, while Venezuela looked for the discount and exaggerated with the strong game to James. Falcao entered for the end at the 10. It was for his score, however, they surrounded him well to avoid a shot from their own. The victory also revealed the inner strength of the group. He got up from the blow of Santiago Arias’ injury with goals, to ease a difficult start.

Colombia will close this first date with its visit to Chile this Tuesday in Santiago. Reinaldo Rueda’s team lost in their debut against Uruguay at El Centenario.

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