When a bad result against Venezuela left Colombia without DT: Maturana and “El Chiqui” the victims

When a bad result against Venezuela left Colombia without DT: Maturana and "El Chiqui" the victims

Two of the most accomplished coaches in Colombian soccer, such as Francisco ‘Pacho’ Maturana and Luis Augusto ‘El Chiqui’ García, do not have a good memory of their confrontations with the Colombian National Team against Venezuela. La vinotinto has been characterized by making things difficult for the Tricolor both as a local and a visitor in the last time.

The first to suffer a major blow after a poor result against Venezuela was Technical Director Luis Augusto García. ‘El Chiqui’ was the helmsman of the Colombian team for the 2002 World Cup qualifiers in Korea and Japan. Under his direction, Colombia reached date 12 with 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats, was fifth in the table and was in position of repechage.

In the first round of matches, the Colombian National Team had beaten Venezuela 3-0 in El Campín with so many from Viveros, Iván Ramiro and Iván Valenciano, but in the second round of matches it was not easy on April 24, 2001. That day he started losing 2-0 with scores from Alexander Rondón and Juan Arango. However, just before the end the Colombians tied with goals from Gerardo Bedoya and Víctor Bonilla.

Until those years, Venezuela was always considered as ‘Cinderella’ of the Qualifiers and the tie in San Cristóbal gave rise to a heavy rain of criticism. Still maintaining the playoff spot in the standings, Garcia came out after scoring 19 points. In Bogotá they tied with Brazil, beat Venezuela, Bolivia and Uruguay, but also lost with Argentina and Paraguay. Away from home in addition to the point in Venezuela, he had accumulated a draw against Bolivia and Ecuador, beat Peru and Chile and lost to Brazil.

The one who replaced García was Francisco Maturana, who could not even maintain the fifth position and in the end was eliminated in the Qualifiers, however, his Copa América title in 2001 kept him for the qualifying process towards Germany 2006.

This time the Qualifying for Maturana did not last long, because in his first 3 games he was defeated, placing last in the table and only in the fourth game he managed to rescue a draw. He started losing in Barranquilla to Brazil, then he went to Bolivia where he was thrashed and when it was thought that he could add his first points at home came the victory of Venezuela in the Metropolitano himself with a goal from Juan Arango.

The local defeat left DT one step away from his departure due to the bad atmosphere that existed around the Colombian National Team. The calendar had the Tricolor a game four days later against Argentina also in Barranquilla and that was where the Maturana era came when they drew 1-1.

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