Get more spicy! Cory Sandhagen does not shrink from Marlon Moraes and gives his prediction

Get more spicy!  Cory Sandhagen does not shrink from Marlon Moraes and gives his prediction

Cory Sandhagen wants to be the big star this Saturday night, when I collide with Marlon moraes in the octagon. In the main event that will take place at UFC Fight Island 5, the Brazilian promises good action, but the American will not make it easy for him. On “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, both will close a new great MMA event. There, several big-name fighters will also have their chance to continue growing in the sport they love.

“I know you are supposed to use positive words when talking about yourself, but it was pretty pathetic. That fight was quite a pathetic performance. But on the same side, I know what went wrong. I didn’t come out in the correct head space you should be in when you go out to fight. You need to be at an intensity level that allows you to perform at a really high level and it is such an intense scenario that it is an MMA fight, ”the American began.

At the same time, Cory He also highlighted: “It was the first time in a long time that I felt so calm going into a fight. I associated it with something positive. I thought it was good that he was so calm on his back and so relaxed. Right when we got there, Aljamain jumped on me really fast, and I think if I had been at a different level of intensity, I wouldn’t have made many of the technical mistakes that I did. But that’s how you learn.

“That happened in the past, but when it happened, I could still win. I don’t think it was really addressed. Then it had to happen. This is unusual. Usually when I get into a fight, I’m ready to hurt someone and for the fight to unfold as necessary. I’m ready to get hurt I am ready to face the pain. I really didn’t feel like those feelings looking back, “said the American.

To close, Cory Sandhagen He said, “Next time, when I feel this calm, I’ll get over it. Have my trainer slap me maybe a little bit or do some breathing exercises before training now. Just make sure you are in a good mental space before fighting. I’m not very upset. I am grateful to have learned that now and not in the future. I got that experience out of the way. I know what I must be like before I get into a fight and I’m glad I was able to take something from him.

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