Returns? Ronda Rousay excites UFC fans

Returns?  Ronda Rousay excites UFC fans

On the YouTube show, First We Feast Hot Wings, Round rousey He spoke about his time at the UFC and excited the fans. The American, former Bantamweight champion of the company that Dana White commands, continues to talk about what she achieved in not so many contests. Now, a star of the Wwe, may be far from returning to the octagon. Still, many fans never give up hope of seeing her in the cage again.

“With the UFC I have always bet a lot on myself. I worry about the back end. Pay me what you think is fair, all I really care about is having some interest in how well it works and I’ll make sure it actually works well. I have very good memories and I am happy with what I was able to achieve in those years, “began one of the greatest UFC legends in history.

Fans want her back in the UFC

“I have never cared much about money, so I have never had a problem with anyone. Anyone who hires me is like, ‘shit, yeah’ I’m not really nickel and I’m not dimming anyone. I have people who help me with those things, just let me know when I can sign something and I’ll show up and do it amazingly and everyone will be happy. So far it has worked, “he said. Round, illuding many by his words.

For her part, the blonde also mentioned the following, recalling things from the past: “A lot of people would teach, ‘Oh, you’re supposed to twist your toes and squeeze your knees.’ Where I always crossed my ankles, put my heels on my butt and spread my knees. I liked being able to do it and I was calm when I entered the cage. I knew I had what it took to end the fights early.

“I remember seeing the comment from one of my fights and one of the comments was like, ‘She just needs to squeeze her knees a little bit.’ And I said, ‘Shut your mouth.’ You don’t even know what you’re talking about. My arm is perfect. Fuck you’. I never had many problems, but when they talked about things that were not, it made me very angry. I always showed everything in the cage and nothing else, “he closed Round rousey. Now, will you want to go back?

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